How to clean a York air conditioner

To clean your York air conditioner, you need to do regular maintenance activities and thoroughly clean the indoor and outdoor unit once in a season.

Air conditioners not only cool down your air, but they can improve the indoor air quality of your home through the use of air filters.

In order to do this effectively and efficiently, your York air conditioner’s indoor and outdoor unit needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

Air conditioners and indoor air quality

Air conditioners can make the air in your home much more comfortable and cooler, but they also actually improve the air quality in your space.

Central air conditioning systems remove dust and other pollutants from the air in your indoor space when the air is passed through the air filters, which can remove allergens from the air and can even cause a decline in asthma symptoms, as long as the unit is well-maintained and clean.

How to clean a York air conditioner

In order for your York air conditioner to improve your air quality and to cool your home down as effectively and efficiently as possible, you need to keep it clean.

There are several steps involved in the process of properly cleaning your York air conditioner, but it is best to break this down into smaller steps that you can complete one by one.

These smaller steps include gathering your supplies, and then getting to work to clean the indoor air handling unit and the outdoor unit thoroughly.

You probably only need to complete this thorough cleaning process once every season, but there are some regular maintenance and cleaning activities that you can do to keep your York air conditioner in a good working condition, such as:

Regular cleaning activity Cleaning supplies you need
Clean the outside of the unit
Clean the air filters
Check the condensate lines
Examine the ducts

If you complete these regular cleaning activities, the more thorough once a season cleaning of your entire York air conditioner will go much more smoothly.

What you need to clean the indoor and outdoor unit of your York air conditioner

The first step in the thorough cleaning process for your York air conditioner should be gathering all of the cleaning supplies that you will need to clean the unit along the way, such as:

Step in the cleaning process Cleaning supplies you will need
Cleaning the indoor unit
Cleaning the outdoor unit

How to clean the indoor unit of a York air conditioner

Once you have gathered all of your cleaning supplies, you can switch off your York air conditioner and disconnect it from its power supply. Then, you can start cleaning the indoor unit by following these steps:

Step in the process Description
Step 1: Open your York air conditioner and remove the air filters Remove any necessary tape and screws so that you can fully access the air filters and evaporator coils of your indoor unit
Step 2: Clean the air filters Use the vacuum, or a soft brush, and lukewarm water to clean any debris or dirt from the air filters once they have been removed from the unit
Step 3: Clean the coils Spray your mould and mildew spray or cleaning solution on the coils and clean them carefully using a toothbrush. Then spray them down with water to remove any residue
Step 4: Clean the drain pan Use the same cleaning solution to clean the drain pan, then spray it down with water

How to clean the outdoor unit of a York air conditioner

For the outdoor unit, you mainly want to remove any built-up debris and dust that has gotten through the grills, by:

Step in the process Description
Step 1: Clean out debris and leaves inside the unit Scoop any debris, leaves, and dirt out of the inside of the outdoor unit
Step 2: Clean the condenser, fan, and fins Use a cleaning solution and the cloth and vacuum to carefully clean the unit’s components and straighten out the fins
Step 3: Trim back any foliage that is near the outdoor unit Make sure that there is at least two feet of clearance around the unit

After you have cleaned the indoor and outdoor unit, you need to wait for everything to dry completely before you can switch your York air conditioner on again.

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