How to clean an LG window air conditioner

The key to having an efficiently functioning LG window air conditioner is keeping the unit well maintained and ensuring that all its major components are clean.

An air conditioning system in your home can help relieve occupants of the uncomfortable heat and humidity that comes with summer by providing effective cooling for your indoor living spaces.

They are enjoyable and worthwhile additions to a home when used accurately and maintained well.

If you have an LG window air conditioner that has cooled your room well, but may have started acting up, it may be time for a system clean up.

As much as we need air conditioners to keep us cool or warm, we also need to keep them clean and in good working order.

The importance of cleaning an LG window AC

If you want your air conditioner to keep operating optimally, you must not neglect maintaining it by cleaning it regularly.

Neglecting to keep an air conditioner clean will lead to inefficiency and mechanical malfunctions that can eventually cause the unit to stop working if the unit is excessively dirty and if issues are not attended to.

Important inner components of the unit need to be kept clean to perform efficiently.

How to clean an LG window air conditioner

Air conditioners can be very delicate machines, and extra care needs to be taken with regard to how certain components and parts are tended to when it comes to cleaning them.

You cannot just throw water on it and scrub it where you see dirt, as you will instantly damage the fragile parts of the unit that cannot have water near them.

When it comes to window units, and in this case, an LG window unit, it is going to require careful cleaning, which needs to be done as safely as possible to prevent damage or hazards such as electrical shock.

At the end of the day, air conditioners are still electrical devices that carry electrical current to operate. It is always best to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to go about successfully cleaning an LG window AC properly and safely.

Cleaning the window air conditioner involves cleaning both the outside and the inside of the unit that contains valuable components that can get quite dirty from the air conditioner cycle.

Cleaning these parts requires safe handling, as the unit will need to be disassembled carefully so that you can access the inside and clean the important parts.

The first thing to do, however, is to make sure that the unit is completely disconnected from any electrical receptacle and is turned off.

Cleaning the air filter

The air filter is a part of the unit through which the air passes in the cycle to cool or heat a space. In the process of air transfer through the air filter, dust and debris will accumulate and get trapped in the filter.

If left uncleaned, this can affect the efficiency of the unit, making it struggle to pass air in and out.

The filter of the LG unit is located in the front of the unit. Pull the inlet grille forward and pull up the filter slightly to detach it.

Then, simply wash the filter using lukewarm water below 104 degrees Fahrenheit and gently shake the excess water off. Lastly, allow the filter to air dry completely before you reinstall it.

Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils

The evaporator coils are also located in the front of the unit. To clean them, you can use a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dirt and debris.

If you are cleaning the coils after the air conditioner has been running, then it is advised that you run the unit in Fan mode for about one hour to allow any condensed moisture on the coils to dry up.

The condenser coils of the LG unit are located on the outside part of the air conditioner and if using a vacuum is not an option, then you can use a garden hose with a spray nozzle to let water flow over the coils to wash away dirt.

Cleaning the case of the unit

Cleaning the case is not as complex as the process of cleaning the inner components of the unit. To clean the front grille and inlet grille, you can use a cloth dampened in mild detergent solution to wipe it down.

Furthermore, you can wash the cabinet with mild soap or detergent, and lukewarm water. It is important to be careful with the fins of the unit as they can bend very easily. If this happens, you will need to use a fin comb to straighten any bends.

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