How to clean the coils on a Goodman air conditioner

To clean the coils on a Goodman air conditioner, you need to gather supplies, access the coils, and clean the coils and the surrounding area.

Goodman air conditioners are popular because they are reliable and accessible, which makes them a good choice for many households.

However, to keep your Goodman air conditioner in a good condition, you need to clean the coils on the outside unit by removing debris and spraying the coils with a coil cleaner.

Why are Goodman air conditioners so popular?

The Goodman air conditioning brand has been around since 1975 and has since been bought by Daikin. The brand is known for its quality manufacturing and for creating a simple product range that works effectively.

The brand is also quite accessible, because Goodman air conditioners do not need to be installed by a professional; the units come at a reasonable price, and they have an excellent warranty.

How to clean the coils on a Goodman air conditioner

However, just because the Goodman air conditioners are fairly reliable and accessible for most people, this does not mean that once the unit is installed, it will continue to function as it should without regular maintenance and cleaning.

All central air conditioning systems, including those from the Goodman brand, have many different components that need to work together in order to keep the air conditioner operating as it should. This includes the often neglected outside condenser unit of your air conditioner.

Since this unit is usually tucked away behind your house and it is difficult to get into, it is easy to forget that it also needs to be cleaned from time to time to get rid of any dirt, sticks, leaves, and dust that may have built up on or in the unit and that may be blocking the airflow to the rest of your unit.

The most important thing to do before you jump into cleaning this unit, is to turn the power supply to the unit off before you can start removing any service panels or using water near your Goodman air conditioner. You can do this by removing the switch plug near the unit to cut off its power supply.

Then, you need to gather all of the supplies that you need during the cleaning process, so that you do not have to keep going back and forth to complete different steps. Cleaning the outside unit can be a bit of a hassle and it is best to approach it step by step.

Therefore, it is best to remove any debris that is lying around the coils to keep this from getting in the coils first before you start spraying and rinsing the coils. This will ensure that your Goodman air conditioner’s coils are properly cleaned, and that the unit can function optimally, as it should.

What you need to clean the coils of your Goodman air conditioner

If you have had your Goodman air conditioner for a long time, you may already have many of the necessary supplies around the house, but if you have never cleaned the coils before or you just need a reminder about the process, you need the following supplies during the coil cleaning process:

How to remove debris from the coils of your Goodman air conditioner

In order to access the coils of your Goodman air conditioner, you need to remove the top cover from your outside unit. You can also use the screwdriver to remove the side panels at this stage and this should expose the coils completely.

Although this step does not technically count as cleaning the coils, you can now remove any leaves, sticks, or other foliage that may be on the inside of the unit and around the coils.

Using a vacuum for this will get it done quickly, but scooping the debris out and throwing it into trash bags works just as well. You can then brush over the coils with the coil brush to remove the bulk of the dirt and debris that has built up over time.

How to clean the coils on your Goodman air conditioner

At this stage, you are ready to spray the coils on the inside and the outside with your coil cleaner solution to get rid of any remaining dirt.

You can leave this cleaner on the coils for a few minutes to make sure that the coils are clean, before rinsing it off with the hose and nozzle.

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