How to determine AC tonnage from model number

Determining the tonnage of an air conditioner from its model number can be a bit challenging, as different manufacturers use various coding systems.

First thing first, find the model number of your air conditioner. It is often stamped on a metal or plastic tag on the back of the unit, however, the location may vary by manufacturer and model.

Decoding air conditioner tonnage: A guide to understanding model numbers

Understanding the tonnage of your air conditioner from its model number can be challenging due to varied coding systems used by manufacturers.

However, you can try to decode the model number by looking for certain patterns:

1. Look for numbers in the model code

Many model numbers contain digits that represent the tonnage. For example, if you see numbers like 18, 24, 30, etc., these may indicate the capacity in thousands of BTUs.

We will explain below how to easily decode the tonnage of your AC from these numbers.

2. Check for a series of letters or digits

Some manufacturers include a series of letters or digits in the model number that represents the tonnage. In this case, you may need to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or contact their customer support to decipher these codes.

3. Review the first few digits

In some cases, the first few digits of the model number may indicate the tonnage. For example, if the model number starts with 4T or 3.5T, it could suggest a 4-ton or 3.5-ton unit, respectively.

4. Consult the manufacturer’s documentation

The best way to accurately determine the tonnage is to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation. This could be the owner’s manual, product specifications, or any other guide provided by the manufacturer.

5. Contact the manufacturer directly

If you can’t find information in the model number or the documentation, consider reaching out to the manufacturer’s customer support. They should be able to provide guidance on how to interpret the model number and determine the tonnage.

Decoding AC tonnage: Locate, identify, and determine tonnage with ease

The air conditioner’s tonnage information is typically located on a data plaque affixed to the side or back of the unit. (If you are not sure about it, you can look it up in the sales contract of your AC unit.)

Identify the model number, often denoted as “M/N” or “MOD. NO.” on the data plaque. Some air conditioners will give you the tonnage rating after 4 characters, but most of the time, it is after 5 characters of the model number.

After you got the numbers needed, use the table below to determine the tonnage of your AC unit.

Numbers BTU/h Ton
6 6,000 0.5
12 12,000 1
18 18,000 1.5
24 24,000 2
30 30,000 2.5
36 36,000 3
42 42,000 3.5
48 48,000 4
54 54,000 4.5
60 60,000 5

You can also save this image and refer to it whenever you need it:

How to determine AC tonnage from model number

If you have managed to find other details on the tag, such as BTUs or Watts, but are still unable to locate or interpret the tonnage of your air conditioner, you can calculate it yourself.

  • Example 1: You know the the BTUs. Let’s say the tag reads 24,000 BTUs. Since 1 ton = 12,000 BTU/h, then 24,000 / 12,000 = 2 tons.
  • Example 2: You know the Watts. Let’s say the tag reads 7000 Watts. Since 1 ton = 3,517 Watts, then 7000 / 3,517 ≈2 tons

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