How to install a portable air conditioner in a horizontal sliding window

Installing a portable air conditioner can be achieved even in a sliding horizontal window, as long as the unit is sealed, and the hose is straight.

Portable air conditioners are unlike other types of air cooling systems as the units are portable and are stand-alone units. They can be placed anywhere near a window where the exhaust hose of the unit is installed for the venting process to take place so that the unit can cool the space.

They are convenient since they can be moved between rooms and are perfect spot coolers. The exhaust hose of the unit needs to be installed in a window opening so that warm moisture can be exhausted outside, but how can a unit be installed in a horizontal window?

Portable air conditioners and horizontal sliding windows

The advantage of portable air conditioners is that they are versatile and can be installed in different types of windows, even crank or push out windows. Sliding windows are no exception and units can also be installed in them easily if it is done properly.

You may be installing a portable air conditioner in a sliding window because it is the only type of window you have, but it is definitely possible to still run a portable air conditioner that is vented in a sliding window for a pleasant cooling experience.

How to install a portable air conditioner in a horizontal sliding window

The first step, before proceeding with the installation of your portable unit, is to ensure that the space is suitable. There needs to be enough space for the unit and the exhaust hose, as well as proximity to a power outlet.

Additionally, consider the height of the window to figure out how far up the hose can extend without over-stretching it, then measure the height of the window.

Assemble the window panels by sliding the narrower one into the channels of the wider one and adjust the fit so that the length of the joined panels is equal to the height of the sliding window.

Tighten the panels with screws and cut the weather strips in the correct dimensions for each panel, then install them along the sides.

Install the window panel to make sure it fits well in the sliding window frame and look for any spaces between the sides of the panel and the frame.

If there are no spaces, you can fit the exhaust hose for the unit. If there are spaces, uninstall the panels and insert rubber seals or the weather stripping on the windowsills per the dimensions of the window panel,  then remount the panels.

Gently expand the exhaust hose and attach one end to the back of the unit and the other to the opening of the window panel. Slide the hose on the panel until it clicks.

What if the unit does not come with the window kit?

Unfortunately not all portable air conditioners come with a window kit and you may need to purchase your own with the essentials you need to install the unit. Amazon has a variety of window seal kits for air conditioner exhaust hose installation.

Weather seal can also be found on Amazon if your unit did not come with it in the venting kit that comes with it. These are important in the process of installing the exhaust hose in portable units.

How to know if installation was done correctly

You will know that you have installed the exhaust hose correctly if the hose is straight, and it is bent or folding.

If the hose is showing signs of bending and folding, then it has not been installed correctly and it will give you problems when you attempt to run the unit with the hose in that condition.

This is because the heat extracted from the inside will flow through the hose easily, which will restrict the amount of cool airflow used to cool  the room efficiently.

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Safety measures for installation

It is safest to read the user manual that comes with your portable unit for any vital instructions or information you need about the specific unit. It is a good idea to get someone who can help you with the process, since some units weigh 50-80 pounds.

It is advised that you do not use an extension cord and that the unit is strictly plugged into the nearest wall outlet to avoid short circuits. Only switch on the unit when the entire process is complete.

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