How to install a portable air conditioner in a push out window

Installing a portable air conditioner in homes with push windows is possible and it is actually quite simple if all the right steps are followed for proper installation.

Portable air conditioners offer people the convenience of portability and being able to be moved around easily. You do need to ensure that your portable unit can be vented from a window though.

The venting process of a portable air conditioner is important so that the unit can cycle hot air outside and release cool air inside. Venting requires a window, and for people with push out or crank windows, it is possible to install a portable unit.

Portable AC units and push out windows

People with windows that need to be pushed out to open may initially think that they cannot install a portable air conditioner in their homes. This is not true, though, and it can be achieved if you ensure that the unit can properly vent out of the window.

It is important to do this correctly to avoid malfunctioning and damages, both to your window or your unit. Knowing the right steps for proper installation is valuable.

How to install a portable air conditioner in a push out window

If you have a portable air conditioner in your home, you probably have the right type of window to attach the exhaust hose into for the venting process.

People with crank or push out windows may doubt that they can install a portable air conditioner in their space, but it is possible and quite simple to do.

Although some portable units come with a dedicated window installation kit, you can find a way to construct an insert to fit into your push out window.

Plexiglass is the recommended material to use but any material that effectively keeps hot air out and cool air in will suffice.

The first thing you need to do is measure the window so that you know the size of plexiglass insert you need. Taking your vent hose with you to the store when you buy your Plexiglass can also help, as they can simply cut out the hole for your hose for you.

Once you have the Plexiglas ready, you can open your window and firmly attach a latch to the window and the frame.

Use retainer clips or twist clamps, position the insert into the window frame, and caulk where the casing and window frame meet for air sealing. Attach the hose and enjoy your portable unit.

The benefits of using plexiglass

Plexiglass is a highly effective alternative for venting your portable air conditioner in a crank or push-out window. Some of the benefits of plexiglass include that it does not allow cool air to escape the room easily.

The material is also easier to cut to get the size you need. Insects are kept out of the room and the material reduces the amount of energy consumed by the unit. The acrylic sheet or plexiglass material weighs less than glass, and is also more complex and robust.

The importance of sealing air leaks

An important factor in the installation of your portable AC unit in a push out window lies in ensuring that the insert you have made fits into the window and is properly sealed so that no air leaks in or out.

This is crucial because the effectiveness of your portable air conditioner will be affected if there is any hot air entering through gaps and cool air escaping.

If this is the case, you will not get the cooling you need from your portable air conditioner, which affects its performance.

Checking that your portable air conditioner is working

This is a crucial step in the installation process. You need to make sure the portable air conditioner is working.

When you turn the power on, listen for any unusual sounds coming from the unit during pre-cooling, as these may indicate that there is an air leakage in the hose.

Check if there is any warm air coming out of the portable unit’s ducts. You will know that the installation process is successful when air travels through the hose outside the window.

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