How to install a window type aircon

How to install a window type air conditioner safely and securely, the dos and don’ts of installing a window type aircon, and what options are available on Lazada.

With the hot tropical conditions of the Philippines, the majority of households will most certainly have an air conditioner (AC) or getting one would be a necessity.

If you are in the process of purchasing an air conditioning unit, specifically a window type unit, then you would need to consider shopping around for one on Lazada. Thereafter, you would need to know how to go about installing it into your home properly and safely.

How to install a window air conditioner

It is important that before you start with the installation process, you know which tools you will need to be able to do the job. You will need a screwdriver, some measuring tape, screws and brackets that were provided by the manufacturer of the unit, and a pair of scissors, depending on the model of the unit.

Another factor to consider is that you would need to select a window that will be close to an outlet in order for you to connect the unit to the outlet, so that it does not struggle to reach it. You should also have your user manual on hand to ensure that you are following the directions accordingly.

Step one will require you to take the air conditioner out of the box, being mindful of some sharp points. Next, you will need to locate the centre of your chosen window. Use your measuring tape to get a width measurement and spot it with a pencil to make it easy to install, while making sure the side panels equally reach the window on both sides.

You would then have to open your window and attach the weather strip that is included from the manufacturer or your own. The weather strip will help seal any cracks and will act as protection for your window too.

Once that is done, assemble the side panels of the unit by placing them on the unit by sliding each all the way and fastening them into your AC unit, using the screwdriver you have on hand as one of your tools. Make sure that every screw is connected securely to prevent any gaps which can allow any warm air, allergens and pollution to enter your home.

Once that is done, you can go ahead and place your window unit in the window, noting that this is best done with two people on hand to safely secure the unit, as it will be too heavy for just one person, to avoid dangerous heavy-lifting.

Close the window on top of the unit firmly where there should be a spot for the window to safely slide into place. Next, follow by installing the L brackets to the crown of the window to avoid the window being pressed up once the unit is installed.

Attach some window padding on the sides of the window, and where padding was not provided with the unit, expand the side panels to touch the window and attach them on both sides using screws from the manufacturer. Plug in your AC unit and enjoy.

Some of the dos and don’ts of installing a window type AC unit

There are certain dos and don’ts to installing a window type air conditioner to consider for safety. Do evaluate your windows as not every window will be suitable for an air conditioning unit. Do not disregard checking your measurements for the window opening and the room square feet, or your unit will cool.

Do ensure that you choose the right air conditioning power for your space by choosing the appropriate energy efficiency ratio and British thermal units (BTY) for your unit.

Both will determine the cooling capacity and compare it to the room size you need to cool. It is recommended that you do not install the unit without a helper as these units do weigh a lot, so having someone to assist you to move the unit around and secure it is best. This can also help you avoid injury or dropping the unit.

LG Dual Inverter Window Type Aircon

What are some window type units on offer on Lazada?

LG Dual Inverter Window Type Aircon

Lazada has many window type AC unit options available for purchase and at different prices in the Philippines.

The LG LA080EC 0.75HP Dual Inverter Window Type Aircon is available for ₱22,798.00, offering features such as WiFi connectivity, a timer, dehumidifier, automatic cleaning and fast cooling. It also has inverter technology.

Eureka Non Inverter Window Type Mini Aircon

Eureka Non Inverter Aircon Window Type

The Eureka EWA-0.6H Non Inverter Aircon Window Type is a mini unit offering a 5 500 kJ/h cooling capacity for ₱7,999.00.

Therefore, install a window air conditioner by considering all the dos and don’ts of the process.

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