How to make a window air conditioner smell better

A window AC with a bad odour can make your rooms smell unpleasant, but using air conditioner air fresheners can blow pleasant scents into the room.

Air conditioners can be a useful addition to any home, especially during the summer months when a home needs cooling to create a comfortable atmosphere for those who live under the roof. Having an air conditioner helps reduce indoor humidity to provide cooler air.

Window air conditioners are installed in the window and are suitable units for cooling individual rooms. You can install them in the rooms of your choice, but the last thing you want is a smelly air conditioner making your space stink, which can sometimes happen.

Window air conditioners with an odour

All air conditioners, including window units are complicated machines that require maintenance.

Since window air conditioners, like others, eliminate as much humidity from the room as they can to cool the space efficiently, moisture can easily and quickly develop in the window unit as it condenses indoor moisture or humidity to drain outside and blows cooler air back inside.

Moisture in self-contained machines such as a window air conditioner can lead to unpleasant smells developing. This can make your space smell unpleasant.

How to make a window air conditioner smell better

Air conditioners work with moisture that they need to dispose of somewhere. Where moisture can accumulate easily, it is likely that moisture-related bacteria such as mould and mildew will develop and grow.

Unfortunately, this comes with bad odours. If your unit has started exuding an unpleasant smell, it will probably cause the room it is in to smell bad too.

Usually, the best way to tackle the issue is to maintain the unit. Certain components that can develop dirt easily such as the air filter needs to be washed, as the accumulation of moisture, coupled with the dust and debris that can gather on the filter can cause it to smell quite bad.

The grilles and coils of the unit also need to be cleaned, as mildew can start forming on them.

Since your window air conditioner has a drip tray inside it that catches liquid from the moisture, it also needs to be cleaned of the muck and debris that can form inside it.

Flushing out the dirt with water will be sufficient to avoid damage if pressure is applied. Cleaning the vent and the blower with a water and bleach solution can ensure that better-smelling air is released from the unit once it is all cleaned up.

After fully cleaning the air conditioner, you are one step closer to getting rid of a bad smell from your window unit.

Air fresheners can add a pleasant smell to your window AC

If you want to go the extra mile and have your window air conditioner blow a fragranced smell into the room, investing in filter air fresheners may be a good idea.

There are certain types of air filter air fresheners that can be attached to the air filters of the window unit easily to release a better scent into the space.

There is a variety of different scents to choose from and whichever you choose will make your room smell more pleasant and fresh.

Where else can the air fresheners be placed?

Besides attaching air filter air fresheners directly to the air filters of your air conditioner, you can also attach it to the air conditioners vent’s where the air blows from to cool the room.

The fans inside the unit will blow and propel the fragrance throughout the entire room. This can give off an even stronger pleasant scent as air is blown.

Homemade solutions and essential oils

For those who prefer herbier and earthy smells, making your own freshener is also an option. You can make a mixture that contains some crushed and dried herbs that can be attached to the air conditioner to exude the smell of your herbs of choice.

The addition of essential oils can also add to the scent. Lemon sprays that contain essential oil drops can be sprayed on the air filter after cleaning it.

However, it is important that you allow it to dry fully before reinserting it into the unit. Do not soak the filter with spray, even a small amount should make a difference.

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