How to reset a Rheem water heater

To reset your Rheem water heater you can use the reset button, or switch the unit off for a while, but you can also reset the vapour switch.

Rheem has manufactured a wide variety of water heaters to suit the different needs and preferences of their customers.

Fortunately, all of these Rheem water heaters can be reset in one way or another, and this can help you clear any error codes or restore proper functioning to your unit.

Different types of Rheem water heaters

Rheem has a variety of tank- and tankless water heaters to ensure that there is a model to fit the needs of any and every household.

Some water heaters focus on efficiency and can deliver a high volume of hot water almost instantaneously, while other models are designed to use the power that they draw from your home’s main electricity board as efficiently and thus, cost-effectively as possible.

Every type of Rheem water heater has its own advantages and disadvantages and it really comes down to what your preferences are.

How to reset a Rheem water heater

Even though Rheem is a trusted brand in the water heater market that offers consumers a variety of effective, efficient, and durable products, it does not mean that Rheem water heaters are without fault.

You may need to reset your Rheem water heater from time to time, regardless of what kind of water heater you have, if the unit keeps tripping, it is displaying an error code or something is just not right with the way that it operates.

Fortunately, the process to reset your tank water heater, whether it is an electrical unit or gas powered, is fairly simple and easy to complete. You just need to locate, gain access to and press the reset button, which is close to the thermostat on your unit.

For the tankless type of Rheem water heaters, the reset process only requires that you turn off the unit for a few minutes before you switch it back on again.

Another common error that users experience with the Rheem water heaters is an issue with the flammable vapour sensor of the unit.

Once you have ensured that there are no dangerous vapours leaking from your water heater, you need to reset this switch to get your Rheem water heater back up and running again.

None of these reset processes are too complicated and you can complete them yourself, since you only need a screwdriver to remove panels or turn switches along the way.

However, if the error codes or issues persist after multiple resets, you may need to contact a professional to have a look at the components of your water heater.

How to reset your Rheem electric or gas water heater

In order to reset your Rheem water heater, if you have an electric or gas heater with a tank, you need to locate and press the reset button. To complete this process, you will need to do the following:

  • Step 1: If the circuit breaker for your water heater has flipped off, you can flip it back on
  • Step 2: Remove the service panel on your Rheem water heater and remove the insulation carefully (Do not remove your unit’s protective thermostat cover if it has one)
  • Step 3: Find the reset button behind the insulation, which should be a bright red button
  • Step 4: Press this button until it clicks into place and then releases on its own
  • Step 5: Replace the insulation and the cover

How to reset a tankless Rheem water heater

The tankless Rheem water heaters are even easier to reset than the tank-style water heaters. In this case, you have two options, depending on the design of your unit.

If your tankless Rheem water heater has a power cord on the outside of the unit, you can simply unplug this cord and wait a few seconds before plugging it back in again.

Otherwise, you need to go to your breaker box to switch the power supply to the unit off from there. You then need to wait a few minutes before turning the breaker back on again.

How to reset the flammable vapour sensor for your Rheem water heater

If you need to reset the flammable vapour sensor, you first need to turn the GCV off and unplug the power cable for about a minute before plugging it back in and switching the valve on.

Then, you need to use your screwdriver to turn the dial on the valve from “Low” to “Very hot” seven times in a row. The light should stop flashing at this point, and your Rheem flammable vapour sensor will be reset.

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