How to reset filter light on Samsung refrigerator

To reset the filter light on your Samsung refrigerator, you must locate the multifunctional button and then press and hold it until the light changes colour.

Your refrigerator has both water and air filters that keep your water and food fresh and safe for consumption, even if you do not notice them on a daily basis.

Your Samsung fridge even has a filter light to remind you to change the water filters regularly. To reset this filter light, you need to press and hold a multifunctional button on the display panel.

What are refrigerator filters and how do they work?

The filters in your refrigerator are some of the components that you may not even see or notice, but that have a big impact on the way that the refrigerator functions.

The water filters remove impurities from the water that is fed into your refrigerator from the inlet hose and this provides you with better-tasting water and clearer ice.

The air filters in your refrigerator can help to reduce odours inside the fridge and keep your produce fresh and crunchy for longer.

Thus, the filters are a crucial component for ensuring that the water, ice, and food in your refrigerator looks appetising and is safe to consume.

How to reset filter light on Samsung refrigerator

Since the water filters have such an important function in refrigerators that have water and/or ice dispensers like the Samsung refrigerators, it is vital that you keep these filters in top condition to make sure that your water is as clean and clear as it can possibly be.

To make this easier, Samsung has included a filter light on most of their refrigerator models, which has various colours that will change to remind you when it is about time to change your water filters.

The different colours of this indicator light and their meanings can be summarised as follows:

Colour of the filter indicator light Meaning
Green or blue Your water filter should still be in good condition, and it is functioning as it should be
Orange or pink It has been five months or 450 gallons since your last filter change and the filter will need to be replaced soon
Red It has been six months or 500 gallons since the filter was last changed, and it needs to be replaced immediately

Once the filter light on your Samsung refrigerator has turned red, the appliance may not operate until you have replaced the filter and reset the light.

Fortunately, this can simply be done by pressing and holding a button on the display panel of your refrigerator, as in the process outlined below.

However, it is crucial that you also keep in mind that your water filters may need to be changed more regularly if your water has a greater amount of sediment.

The process to reset the filter light on a Samsung refrigerator

You need to reset the filter light on your Samsung refrigerator after it has turned red and after you have replaced the filter with a new one. This process differs slightly depending on which Samsung refrigerator model you have.

All you need to do is to look for a multifunctional button on the display panel of your refrigerator and then press and hold this button for about three seconds until the filter light turns blue or green again.

Common multifunctional buttons for Samsung refrigerators

If you are still unclear about which button to press on your specific Samsung refrigerator to reset the filter light, you just need to look at examples of the range of multifunctional buttons that Samsung refrigerators have.

This multifunctional button will control one main function and it will also have an inscription that states “Reset Filter”, “Filter Change”, “Hold for 3 seconds” or something similar to indicate that it also controls the filter reset.

Some of the common buttons that have this inscription include:

  • The “Alarm” button
  • The “Fridge” and “Power Cool” buttons
  • The “Energy Saver” button
  • The “Water” button

How to know when it is time to reset the filter without the filter light

Even though the filter light on your Samsung refrigerator can be quite a handy reminder of when you need to change your water filter, it works on averages, and this may not give you accurate timing if you live in an area where the water has a lot of sediment in it that the filters need to remove from the water.

You will know that it is time to change your filter and reset the light, even if it has not turned red yet, when:

  • Your water starts to taste odd
  • You notice specks or particles in your water or ice

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