Simple steps to reset your SoClean after changing the filter

To reset your SoClean after a filter change, you need to press the hourglass and “Manual” button at the front of the machine.

SoClean cleaning and sanitising products make the cleaning of equipment to treat sleep disorders much more convenient and effective.

However, once you have completed the filter change process and have considered some important information, you need to reset your SoClean so that it can function normally again.

Simplify CPAP care: The benefits of SoClean products

The obvious benefits of the SoClean products are that they offer a convenient and quicker way to clean and sanitise components of the equipment used to treat sleeping disorders like sleep apnea.

SoClean simplifies Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) equipment cleaning by automating the process, saving users time and effort compared to manual cleaning.

Using activated oxygen, SoClean effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and mold that can accumulate over time.

Regular use of SoClean products can extend the lifespan of CPAP machines and accessories by preventing the buildup of harmful microorganisms and debris.

This not only promotes equipment longevity but also reduces the risk of infections, especially crucial for individuals with compromised immune systems.

SoClean devices boast user-friendly designs with straightforward setups and easy-to-follow instructions, catering to a diverse user base, including those less technologically inclined.

They are also compatible with various CPAP machines and masks, offering versatility for users with different equipment setups.

However, it’s essential to note that opinions on the necessity and efficacy of automated CPAP cleaning devices may vary. Some healthcare professionals stress the significance of regular manual cleaning.

How to reset SoClean after a filter change

The SoClean products are specifically designed so that they can be as convenient to use and maintain as possible and so that they can be as effective as possible at keeping your equipment sanitary and safe.

However, to ensure that your SoClean stays working effectively and safely, you need to replace your filters or change them every six months.

The most important thing to know after you have completed the process of inserting the replacement filter is how to reset your SoClean product again.

How to reset SoClean after a filter change
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Fortunately, this process is quite simple and you only need to do the following:

Step in the process Description
Step 1: Find the hourglass and “Manual” button Locate the button on the front of your SoClean that has an hourglass symbol and the button that has the word “Manual” on it
Step 2: Press the two buttons simultaneously Press and hold these two buttons at the same time until you see a smiley face appear on the display of your SoClean product
Step 3: Release the buttons Once you have seen the smiley face appear, you can release both these buttons and the reset will be complete

If you have seen the smiley face and released these two buttons, it means that your reset is complete and that you can continue to use your SoClean as normal.

Before you complete this reset process, it is important that you know how to replace these filters correctly.

Then, there is also some important information about the filter change process that you should keep in mind as well as information about why this process is so necessary.

How to change your SoClean filter correctly

Before you reset your SoClean, you first need to change your filters to replacement filters by following this process:

Step in the process Description
Step 1: Open the SoClean Open the top of your SoClean, so that you can see the compartment with the old filter
Step 2: Take out the filter Pull this old filter up and out to release it from this compartment. You can throw this old filter in the garbage, as there is no use for it after this
Step 3: Open your replacement filter Remove any packaging from your new replacement filter
Step 4: Place the new filter in your SoClean Place the replacement filter in the compartment from which you removed the old filter
How to reset SoClean after a filter change
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Important things to know about the SoClean filter change process

The most important thing to know about the filter change process for your SoClean machine is that your machine will display an “Order Filter Kit” message on the screen when it is time for you to go through the filter change process.

This takes the guesswork and remembering out of the process, because the SoClean will remind you every six months that the filter needs to be changed.

The other important thing to remember is that you may find some particles or black fluff when you open your new replacement filter, but this is normal and it can simply be wiped off before you place the new filter into the compartment.

Maintaining SoClean performance: The importance of filter changes and resets

It is important that you complete the SoClean filter change process and reset your SoClean after you have changed the filter, to ensure that your SoClean cleaner and sanitiser is working as it should.

The filter is a crucial component responsible for cleaning and sanitizing your equipment. Maintaining a clean and clear filter is essential to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and particles within the machine’s components.

Regular filter changes enhance the effectiveness of the SoClean system, ensuring a thorough and reliable cleaning process for your equipment.

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