How to reset your Coway air purifier odor light

Resetting the odor light on your Coway air purifier is really as simple as replacing its filter and then pressing a button.

Getting a Coway air purifier for your home is a great way to ensure that you keep allergens away, reduce the number of harmful particles in your air and keep things like dust and odors under control.

It can even help to reduce the risk of airborne viruses, asthma attacks and restless sleep.

However, air purifiers are still sensitive electric appliances – and like all electric appliances – they may encounter a few operational issues from time to time.

The Coway air purifier odor light

Fortunately, not every new indicator light that appears on your Coway air purifier indicates the presence of a problem or issue.

In fact, there are actually a few indicator lights on the Coway air purifiers, which are just there to give you information or remind you of crucial maintenance tasks.

In order to filter out all of the different particles that may be present in your unfiltered air, Coway air purifiers use a combination of different filters (this often includes the pre-filter, a deodorization filter, a true HEPA filter and more).

The deodorization filter does exactly what its name suggests; it is responsible for filtering out any particles which may be responsible for strange odors.

While these particles or contaminants may be too small to see with the naked eye, they tend to build up on the surface of the filter over time.

And once these particles have built up to the point of preventing the airflow and hindering the proper functioning of your air purifier, this light will appear to remind you that it is time to replace your filter.

After you have replaced the deodorization filter, you simply need to press the “Reset Filter” button (which should be right next to the indicator button on the control panel).

Do this for at least two to three seconds in order to reset the air purifier before you can continue to use it as normal.

How to replace your Coway deodorization filter

Before you can get to resetting the odor light on your Coway air purifier, you need to replace the old deodorization filter.

The process to replace this filter will differ slightly for every Coway air purifier model, so it is best to consult your user manual first. But generally, this process can be summarized as follows:

Process Description
Step 1 Turn your air purifier off and unplug it from the outlet
Step 2 Locate and remove the side  or front panel which will give you access to your air purifier’s filters
Step 3 Press down slightly on the pre-filter’s clip to remove it
Step 4 Locate the deodorization filter and remove it by pulling lightly on its tab
Step 5 Replace the old deodorization filter with a new one
Step 6 Place the pre-filter and the panel back securely

How often should the deodorization filter be replaced?

How frequently you will need to replace or clean your Coway air purifier’s filters will depend on how much you use the appliance and how “contaminated” your air is.

However, if you live in a fairly moderate environment and use your air purifier for about eight hours a day (at high speeds) your filter cleaning and replacement cycle should fall into the pattern below:

Filter type Cycle
Pre-filter Cleaned every two to four weeks
Deodorization filter Replaced every six months
True HEPA filter Replaced every year

Can the deodorization filter be washed?

Although the deodorization filter’s maintenance cycle is not quite as quick as the pre-filter’s, it can still feel like an unnecessary step to complete every few months.

But unfortunately, the deodorization filter is not designed to be washed in the same way as the pre-filter and you will need to replace the filter completely when it reaches the end of its cycle.

You can purchase replacement filters from a variety of retailers, including Amazon, just make sure that the replacement filter will be appropriate for your specific Coway air purifier model.

What to do if the odor light just will not switch off

If you have followed all the steps to properly replace and reset the deodorization filter in your Coway air purifier, but the odor indicator light is still not turning off, consider the following troubleshooting solutions:

  • Ensure that you have removed any plastic packaging or sleeves from the deodorization filter
  • Ensure that you have replaced the filter facing the front
  • Ensure that all of the filters in the appliance are securely in place
  • Ensure that the pre-filter has been properly cleaned
  • Ensure that the air purifier has adequate airflow

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