How to use a portable air conditioner without a window

Opting to use a ventless portable air conditioner, in the case where you are looking to use a portable unit without a window, and options available on Amazon.

If you are considering purchasing a portable air conditioner but are worried that you might have trouble using it without a window, know that it is still possible to use one without the need for a window. You have the option of purchasing portable units that do not require a window or work through a ventilation process, as with regular portable air conditioners.

So, buying a ventless portable air conditioning unit, in this case, would be your best bet if you are truly looking to use one without the stress of having a window or thinking about ventilation.

What are ventless portable air conditioners and how do they work?

Ventless portable air conditioners are also known as evaporative coolers. They work in the opposite way that normal portable air conditioners do, as they do not make use of a ventilation process in order to run properly. Evaporative coolers do not use refrigerant or a compressor to produce cool air.

They also do not generate heat or remove any heat from a room in order to cool it down, therefore, they do not need any hose or window for a ventilation process for the air conditioner to work.

Ventless portable air conditioners work through the process of evaporative cooling to give off the cooling that is needed. They make use of a tank of water and a fan to haze cold water into the air to make it cooler. The tank of water will always need to have water for it to work, which is transported into a membrane where a fan then forces its air through the membrane.

As the air is moved through the moist membrane, the water then evaporates and, in the process, removes the heat at the same time. Air that is produced and leaves the evaporator is therefore cooler than the air that is entering.

What are the requirements for your home to be able to run a portable window air conditioner without a window?

As with regular portable air conditioners, you need to still prepare your home for a functioning portable unit without the use of a window. In the case that you need to, you can find out from an electrician on the safest way to run your portable unit, depending on the amount of BTUs it delivers.

For units with a BTU of over 15 000, you will need to have an electrical outlet just for the unit alone, so it is able to draw in the power it needs. Most units will not require that effort as their voltage will likely remain around the 115 to 120 watt range.

Make sure that your portable unit will have enough space to function properly and disperse the right amount of cooling throughout the room. What is important to note is that you do not have too many appliances that use up a lot of energy in the same room. The unit will need to have all the space it needs to draw in the air.

What ventless portable units can you find on Amazon should you really be looking to use a unit without a window?

Honeywell Ventless Air Conditioner

The Honeywell CL201AE Ventless Air Conditioner has an airflow capacity of up to 470 cubic feet per minute. It is an evaporative/swamp cooler and can work well in hot and dry climates where humidity levels reach 60 percent.

It has a low energy consumption of 230 watts and a strong 470-760 CFM airflow, which is great for spot cooling spaces that are small to medium in size, like bedrooms, patios and living rooms.

Hessaire Ventless Air Conditioner

The Hessaire Ventless Air Conditioner is another option and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use for spaces up to 500 square feet.

It is considered compact but very powerful, with 1 600 CFM airflow capability. This unit requires a manual and continuous filling of water to be able to function properly.

Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler

The Honeywell CO60PM Evaporative Air Cooler is built to cool down large spaces with less effort. This unit has a top loading ice compartment and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

It offers a 1 540 CFM airflow capacity, which is able to cool spaces of up to 840 square feet with extra-wide fan blades for delivering the perfect amount of cooling.

So, you can use a portable air conditioner without the use of a window, but in such a case, going for a ventless portable unit is the best option as it does not require making any alternative arrangements for ventilation, meaning no need for a window.

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