Is a Midea air conditioner good?

Looking at whether Midea is a good air conditioning brand, its big downside, what people’s reviews have to say, and its joint venture with Carrier.


Purchasing an air conditioner for your home is not a small purchase and there are many elements to consider in terms of how well it cools, the sizing of it compared to the size of your home or space, the costs, as well as the brand.

There are plenty of air conditioner brands to look into if you want to purchase an air conditioning unit but, finding a quality brand will be key to having a good overall cooling experience and getting more bang for your buck. So, is the Midea air conditioning brand a good brand overall?

Midea air conditioners

Midea air conditioners have been around since 1985, and the Chinese brand is known for its appliances and range of air conditioners.

Midea offers a variety of air conditioners including split type systems, window air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and portable units.

It has managed to make a name for itself in the air conditioning market for a number of reasons.  The brand has also come particularly close to beating the competition of bigger leading air conditioner brands.

So, let us look at what makes this brand good.

Is a Midea air conditioner good?

Midea air conditioning units have been known to present one-of-a-kind designs, technological features, and benefits to consumers, knocking out the competition to become one of the most successful companies in their field.

What has made Midea good and helped it stand out is its greener approach to the environment. It ensures that the majority of its products provide excellent cooling without harming the environment.

Their air conditioners have a five-star energy rating, meaning they will save you money on your electricity costs when you use their products.

Midea units are built with some of the most innovative technologies that provide instant smart cooling, reduce speed automatically when the room is cool enough, and smart sensors that adjust the room temperature accordingly.

Midea also makes for a good air conditioner range at prices that vary but are considered quite affordable, making it manageable to afford a unit on a budget.

AC brand Description Amazon price

Midea 12 000 BTU Window AC unit

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·  Energy star certified

·  Includes a dehumidifier and a 3-speed fan

From $399.97

Midea 10 000 BTU Portable AC unit

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· Works as a dehumidifier and fan too

· Works with Alexa

From $399.99

Midea 10 000 BTU EasyCool Window AC unit

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·   Has a dehumidifier and fan

·   Is Energy star certified for saving on energy costs

From $364.99

What is a downside of choosing a Midea air conditioner?

As much as Midea is a fairly good air conditioner to have, it does come with quite a big downside which might be an ultimate deal-breaker for many.

If you purchase a Midea air conditioner you must anticipate struggling with its repairs and services. Unfortunately, the brand is often incompatible with licenced aircon service and repair centres, whereas its competitors are not.

What people have to say about Midea air conditioners

People have had mixed opinions on whether Midea is a good brand or not. Midea has been noted as a good brand overall in terms of pricing in particular, but a disappointment when it comes to repairs and the availability of spare parts when issues arise with functionality.

Midea air conditioners have also received some negative reviews worldwide, with some people calling the brand “cheap quality Chinese made air conditioners.” Another review claims that Midea targets lower and middle lower income households.

Midea and Carrier launch residential ductless joint venture

Carrier, a world leader in high-technology heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions and Midea America started a joint venture on 29 September 2017, introducing the launch of Carrier Midea North America.

The joint venture was set to combine Carrier’s wide supply network and Midea’s ductless development capability to meet the growing demand in North America for residential ductless HVAC systems.

Carrier held the majority of the ownership. Through the venture, Carrier and Midea sought to better meet North America’s residential ductless solutions needs.

Final thoughts

In purchasing a new air conditioning system, finding a good and reliable brand is important. Your new unit will have to deliver in terms of performance and convenience, so comparing good air conditioner brands will surely help in your decision-making.

A well-known brand such as Midea is considered a good brand for a variety of reasons, with the most noticeable downside being that Midea air conditioner owners may struggle to get their units repaired and serviced, as Midea tends to lack availability of compatible service and repair providers.

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