Is an air conditioner’s dry mode more economical?

The dry mode of the air conditioner is more economical as it works to reduce the moisture in the air while saving you on energy costs.


The advancement of modern technology has introduced new features and functions in household appliances such as air conditioning systems.

These features have allowed appliances to function better and more efficiently, allowing for people to enjoy the latest technology with better operational functioning capabilities.

Air conditioners were once units that only cooled and heated, but with newer technologies being introduced, they now have added benefits and awesome features and modes. Air conditioners now have “Dry Mode” amongst others, and the significance of this mode is in its benefits.

Which AC modes have been introduced in recent years?

The new modes in air conditioners such as fan, sleep, auto, turbo, energy-saver, eco, and dry modes make them better appliances that can adapt and adjust to the varying temperatures that the climate can present as well as the increasingly fragile needs of the environment.

Dry mode, in particular, has its own benefits, such as the fact that it is one of the economical modes in air conditioners.

Is an air conditioner dry mode more economical?

The various air conditioner modes have their advantages in the operation of an air conditioner. The dry mode function is intended to be used to reduce the moisture, caused by humidity, in a room or space.

Dry mode is especially handy for locations that are wetter and closer to bodies of water and are much more humid than necessary.

In the dry mode setting, the air conditioner extracts most of the moisture from the air, similarly to a dehumidifier. People may wonder whether this function impacts the efficiency of an air conditioner economically, and the answer is yes.

The dry mode of an air conditioner is more economical since it is more energy-efficient, because the fan and compressor run slower than they usually do.

Dry mode is more economical

Since, in dry mode, the fan and the compressor run slower than they do when in full cooling mode, this makes the air conditioner more energy-efficient. While extracting as much humidity as it can, the air conditioner does not use much energy in dry mode.

This can save you a lot on your energy bills, making it more economical, since there is not as much intensive cooling taking place as there would be if the air conditioner was in full cooling capacity mode.

Air conditioner dry mode versus a dehumidifier

Since the dry mode performs similarly to a dehumidifier, people may be curious to know which one is better for them economically.

In this case, a dehumidifier would be the best option if you are looking for dehumidifying. This is because an air conditioner alone may struggle to dehumidify at the rate of a dehumidifier, especially in locations where the climate is extremely hot and humid.

Additionally, an AC unit can end up consuming more energy, which makes a dehumidifier more economical in the sense that it is designed for dehumidification and does so at a quicker rate.

How do you set “Dry Mode” on your air conditioner?

To set the “Dry Mode” on your air conditioner and enjoy the benefits of this mode, you need to press the “MODE” button on your air conditioner remote control.

Depending on the unit and type of remote you have, you will keep pressing the mode button until it lands on dry mode, which will be indicated by showing the word “Dry” or a water droplet icon.

With some models, you can alter the fan speed, while in other models it will be automatically set.

Final thoughts

Air conditioners have been upgraded with the latest technology to enable appliances to perform better and more efficiently than previously. Different air conditioner modes now allow for more economical advantages to running your unit in certain temperature conditions.

In the dry mode setting, in particular, the fan and compressor run slower and thus make the mode more economical in that it saves users money when it comes to energy consumption when it is set to dry mode. Dry mode works to reduce humidity levels in an environment.

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