Is Rheem a good air conditioner brand?

Rheem has really tried to establish itself as the leader in innovation and energy-efficiency for air conditioners in the last few years.

There are many things that you have to consider before investing in an air conditioning unit, and this includes which brand you prefer.

Rheem is one of the older and more established air conditioner brands, though this does not mean that it is outdated.

Rheem has developed many propriety technologies over the years which help it stand out as one of the most energy-efficient and innovative brands to this day.

Does brand matter when it comes to air conditioners?

Buying an air conditioner is a big commitment. Between calculating what the right size is to get, deciding what type of air conditioner you want, and which features are important to you, the brand of the air conditioner may seem like one of the less important aspects.

However, in reality the brand of your air conditioner can be an incredibly important consideration. In fact, it can mean the difference between a disappointing air conditioner and one that is perfect for your space.

Is Rheem a good air conditioner brand?

Rheem is one of the classic air conditioner brands that you will likely have seen or heard of many times before.

The Rheem brand (Rheem Manufacturing Company) is a subsidiary of Paloma Industries and it also produces products under the Ruud brand name sometimes.

Rheem has been making air conditioners (and a whole catalogue of other products) for nearly a century and it has remained one of the top HVAC brands on the market.

Chances are, if you have made it to the brand comparison stage of the new air conditioner journey, then you have already consulted a professional who has recommended some of their preferred brands and you just want to see whether Rheem would be a good option.

In the past, the Rheem air conditioners have been fairly middle-of-the-road when it comes to overall performance and special features.

However, the brand has made a considerable effort to improve the durability of their components and the energy-efficiency of their units in the last few years.

Some of these new technologies include an incredibly high-efficiency ductless heating and air conditioning systems, a smart thermostat called EcoNet, and the Renaissance range, which aims to modernize commercial cooling.

In the end, many professionals prefer Rheem, because this brand has good quality products and a wide variety of products which are energy-efficient at a relatively affordable price.

However, there are many things that you need to consider before settling on a specific air conditioner from the brand.

How much do Rheem air conditioners cost?

The cost of your air conditioner will be dependent on the size of the air conditioner and there are many things that could influence the final installation cost of your unit.

However, one thing that is certain is that Rheem proudly offers many flexible pricing options (and can even help you get additional financing if you need it).

Rheem also has a variety of models which qualify for federal tax rebates in the United States. This is worth looking into if you want to save a few dollars on the installation.

Are Rheem air conditioners energy-efficient?

One of the aspects that the Rheem brand has really focused on in the last few years is the energy-efficiency and sustainability of its air conditioners.

Air conditioners (whether commercial or residential) have always been some of the most high-usage appliances. But Rheem is committed to creating products that reduce the greenhouse gas footprint by 50 percent by 2025.

The Endeavor Line from the brand is definitely the way to go if you are looking for the maximum energy-efficiency, and it boasts SEER2 ratings of up to 20 and EER2 ratings of up to 13.

Moreover, the Renaissance products on the commercial side have up to 15.0 IEER and 11.0 EER.

Other considerations to help you choose the right air conditioner

Outside of establishing your own budgetary and energy-efficiency requirements, reaching out to a professional is always a good idea when you are considering installing any kind of big appliance.

These professionals also usually have the best guidance when it comes to which brands work best for homes and spaces.

Sticking to one of the brands that your installer prefers also means that it should be quite easy for you to reach out and get help, or replacement parts, if something goes wrong down the line.

You should also consider things like the unit’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, what the warranties look like and the type of customer service that the air conditioner brand offers.

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