Is there a portable AC unit that doesn’t need a window?

How do ventless portable air conditioners work without ventilation through a window, what are the downsides to ventless portable units and what ventless options are available on Amazon?


The extremely hot climates bring about the necessity for an air conditioner (AC), leading you to weigh your options in finding the right type for you and your home. Fortunately, there are a selection of different types of units that make it easier for you to find the perfect fit.

Different units work in different ways, and in the case of portable air conditioners, buyers can look into investing in a regular vented portable unit or a ventless unit that does not require a window in order for it to operate. Luckily, these ventless portable units are available on Amazon.

Portable units that do not need a window

Portable air conditioners can offer so much convenience for owners, as their portability makes it easy for them to be moved from one room to another, depending on where you would like to enjoy it at the time.

There are two types of portable air conditioners on the market, some need a window for venting whilst others can be used without the need for a window, and they are called ventless portable air conditioners. Ventless units offer extra convenience, as you would not have to worry about having a window close by.

Is there a portable AC unit that doesn’t need a window?

The answer to this question is absolutely. Amazon has a range of different portable air conditioners that do not require a window for them to operate properly. A window is only necessary for portable air conditioners for the purpose of ventilation. For units that need ventilation, a hose is placed by a window for air to ventilate out, helping the unit to operate optimally.

For units that do not need a window, they do not have a ventilation system that requires a hose to be placed at a window. People will love the idea of a ventless portable air conditioner since it does not come with the hassle of thinking where you can use it with a window. Ventless units are a great option for buyers who are looking to be able to move their unit around freely.

Brand Description Price


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– Energy efficient and eco-friendly.

– Delivering 1 300 CFM of cool airflow.


Honeywell 525

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– Can cool large spaces with minimal effort.

– Delivers moist, cool breeze when cooling.


Honeywell 470

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– Performs best in hot/dry climates under 60 percent humidity.

– Super low power consumption of 230W and powerful 760 CFM airflow.

$98.92 (White)


$279.00 (Silver)

More on what a ventless air conditioner is

A ventless air conditioner, in simple terms, is a unit that does not need to make use of a window for ventilation through a vent hose. It is a type of air conditioner that does not require the use of refrigerant or a compressor system in order for it to create cooler air for cooling down spaces.

Ventless air conditioners will not produce or extract any heat from a room when operating, therefore, not needing a hose for ventilation purposes. A portable unit without a hose makes it ideal to move around.

How does a ventless portable unit work?

Without a hose, ventless portable air conditioners work by the natural process of evaporative cooling in order to deliver cool air into a room. They make use of a tank of water and a fan to mist cold water into the air as a way of making it cool.

Ventless units are a good option for people who are not looking to have to worry about having a window close by for a ventilation hose to exhaust hot air out with a regular portable air conditioner. Ventless units can be moved around freely.

What are some downsides to choosing a ventless portable air conditioner?

Whilst ventless portable air conditioners offer convenience in the form of not needing a window to operate as well as being mobile, they do have some downsides to them, including needing a bit more maintenance than traditional air conditioners.

For instance, since ventless portable units require water to be able to operate, the water tanks will need to be checked often to ensure that there is still water. The thermostat will need to be set and also checked often. Additionally, ventless units are more ideal for drier climates and not humid climates.


Portable air conditioning units are great options for people who are not looking for long-term installed air conditioners, such as mini-split units and window units. Portable air conditioners offer more convenience for their mobility and smaller compact build, making it easy to place them anywhere in a convenient space.

Ventless portable units are air conditioners that do not require a window to operate, as they do not need to be vented. They are easily mobile and can be moved from room to room without the concern of a window. Essentially, they are great for people who want to be cool anywhere.

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