Is there such a thing as a battery-operated air conditioner?

Air conditioners do not necessarily need electrical power outlets to operate but can be battery-operated and this can be convenient for people who move with their air conditioners.

Having an air conditioner in your home means that no matter how hot or cold the weather gets, you will always be able to bear with the heat or cold indoors as an air conditioner sets the temperature of the space. Most systems make use of electricity for their operation.

Leaving your cool environment indoors can be inconvenient, which may leave one wondering whether it is possible to find an air conditioner you can take anywhere with you, without the need for an electrical power outlet.

Do battery-powered air conditioners exist for on-the-go air conditioning?

Battery-operated air conditioners

It can be quite inconvenient to leave the comfort of your cool home to the heat outdoors. For this reason, you may want an air conditioner that you can use and take with you when you are away from home.

Since home air conditioners require electricity and have to be plugged into an electrical outlet, you cannot take them anywhere.

This is where a battery-powered air conditioner would come in handy, but are there any battery-operated air conditioners on the market?

Is there such a thing as a battery-operated air conditioner?

A battery-powered air conditioner is the answer for people who spend much of their time on the move and outdoors. It is impossible to take your home air conditioning system with you as you cannot simply plug it in anywhere.

A battery-powered air conditioner can be a worthwhile option and can offer you convenient cooling no matter where you are.

So, are there any battery-operated air conditioners one can purchase? The answer is yes, there are a few, albeit limited, options one can consider that are suited for different conditions.

Bear in mind that these options are true battery-powered air conditioners with other alternatives like devices that fall under personal air coolers (evaporative or swamp coolers).

An example of a true air conditioner is the Zero Breeze Mark 2 and what makes it a true AC unit is its use of refrigerant to gather and concentrate heat and drain it out the back of the unit, leaving the air it blows in your space much cooler. This unit is only available from the manufacturer.

Another true battery-powered air conditioner is the EENOUR QN750 Portable air conditioner which is available on Amazon for $999.99.

Alternatives for battery-powered true air conditioners are evaporative coolers. The HiFresh Small evaporative cooler is an example of a battery-operated cooler that uses ice to cool.

Battery powered AC unit Description Amazon price

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How do evaporative air coolers work?

Evaporative or personal coolers do not work the same way as true battery-powered air conditioners.

Coolers do not use a refrigerant but instead, blow air over a water-soaked surface to decrease the air temperature immediately in front of the machine through evaporation.

It is best to use evaporative coolers in drier climates since dry air causes the moisture to evaporate much faster, whereas in humid climates moisture builds up almost immediately.

You can find evaporative coolers in various sizes with some big enough for industrial use.

Types of battery-powered air conditioners

When looking for battery powered units or coolers, you need to note that there are three types to choose from.

Some use rechargeable batteries such as a lithium-ion battery, and these units last a few hours and need to be charged once the battery is depleted.

USB battery units do not have a lithium-ion battery but need to be connected to a USB power source at all times to function.

Then there are car battery air conditioners that draw their power from a vehicle’s auxiliary power outlet (cigarette lighter receptacle).

How to choose the right battery-operated air conditioner

Battery-powered air conditioners and coolers are much smaller in size than standard air conditioners, so cooling larger areas is difficult for them.

Choosing the right size unit is beneficial for this reason. Think about where you intend to use the air conditioner as this influences your decision in terms of the power source you use.

Consider the noise levels of the unit, especially if you want to use it while you sleep and pay attention to how you need to maintain your unit.

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