Levoit humidifier “Auto” mode not working

If your Levoit humidifier is not working in the “Auto” mode, this could indicate that there is an issue with the application connection, water tank, or mist settings.

Having a humidifier in your home can be quite beneficial for your health and well-being and also for your plants and furniture.

If the “Auto” mode on your Levoit humidifier is not working, this could be because the device needs to be reset, the water tank needs to be refilled, or because of the mist settings.

The benefits of Levoit humidifiers for you and your home

Humidifiers are a holistic solution to much of the discomfort and many of the wellness issues that most people face on a daily basis.

Having a Levoit humidifier in your home can help you relieve common symptoms of allergies like congestion and coughing, and it can also be quite beneficial for people who have dry skin problems.

To add to this, increased humidity levels in your home can also help you keep your plants healthier and your furniture in a better condition.

This means that a humidifier is not only beneficial to your health and general wellbeing, but it can also help you improve the condition of objects within your home in the long term.

Levoit humidifier “Auto” mode not working

Since there are so many benefits to having a Levoit humidifier in your home, it is clear why many owners choose to set their humidifiers to the “Auto” mode, so that the humidifier can run for longer periods of time to maximise the benefits that they provide.

When your Levoit humidifier is set to Auto mode, the device will automatically monitor the humidity levels in your space and adjust or turn off the mist to maintain a comfortable level of humidity in the air.

This Auto mode can be extremely useful when you do not want to measure and adjust the misting levels on your humidifier constantly, but when this setting does not work the way it is supposed to, it can be very inconvenient and frustrating.

Some Levoit humidifier owners have experienced an issue where the Auto mode does not work and turns the entire device off instead of automatically controlling the mist levels.

If this is happening with your Levoit humidifier, there are three possible causes, namely:

  • There is a bug in the functionality of your humidifier and you have to reset it on the VeSync application
  • The automatic mist function cannot work because the water tank needs to be refilled
  • The mist function is not working correctly because the setting has been changed or because the mist has switched off automatically

How to reset your Levoit humidifier on the VeSync application

Just as like any other device, sometimes simply resetting your Levoit humidifier on the VeSync application can restore proper functionality to the device and ensure that the Auto mode works as it should again. You can do this by completing these steps:

  • Step 1: Open the VeSync application on your mobile device
  • Step 2: Remove your humidifier from your device list. On IOS devices you need to swipe left to do this and on android devices you need to press and hold “OK”
  • Step 3: Go to your humidifier and press and hold the power button for at least 20 seconds. On Classic 200S devices, you need to press and hold the Wi-Fi button
  • Step 4: Reconnect your device on the VeSync application

Why an empty water tank could be causing your Levoit humidifier to turn off on Auto mode

When the water tank on your humidifier runs empty, the humidifier will not be able to create mist to keep the humidity in your space at a comfortable level when it is in Auto mode.

This means that the Auto mode will not work accurately if your Levoit humidifier’s water tank is empty.

Usually, your humidifier will indicate that the water tank is empty by displaying an error symbol or turning the power button that is on the front of the unit red and you will have to refill the tank.

Misting settings that could be causing your Levoit humidifier not to work in “Auto” mode

Changing the misting settings on your Levoit humidifier when it is in Auto mode can cause it not to work.

For instance, if you change the misting to a higher or lower setting when your Levoit humidifier is in Auto mode, the device will automatically be taken out of Auto mode and it will just function normally.

You can also set a time on the VeSync application for misting to turn off automatically when your device is in Auto mode, which could be why your humidifier is not working.

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