LG air conditioner E8 error code

If your LG air conditioner is displaying an E8 error code message, there is likely an underlying issue which is causing the system to overload.

Error codes on air conditioners are meant to help you diagnose a problem before it becomes a much bigger issue.

The E8 error code is quite rare for LG air conditioners, but it likely indicates that the system is overloaded and is malfunctioning as a result.

The goal of error messages

It can be highly distressing when your air conditioner does not want to turn on and is suddenly displaying an error code.

However, these error codes are actually meant to warn you about small problems in the system, which you may not have picked up on, on your own.

These problems may not always seem serious enough for the whole unit to shut down. But the goal is to get you to locate and fix this small problem before it becomes a much bigger problem after a few more cycles.

LG air conditioner E8 error code

If you have switched on your LG air conditioner and you were met with a new error code, do not worry. The E8 error code for LG air conditioners is not very common and as a result, it can be quite difficult to get rid of this error code on your own.

Error codes for the LG air conditioners are fairly standardized between models, but even so, it is a good idea to write down your error code and the model number of your specific air conditioner (you can usually find this number on the side of the air conditioner on the label) before you start investigating.

The owner’s manual of your unit should contain all of the most important error codes and their definitions and troubleshooting solutions, but the LG Support team also has helpful tips for if this information is not quite covering it.

However, if you are in a rush, you may want to skip this step and get right to troubleshooting. In most cases, an E8 error code indicates an overload malfunction error.

On a basic level, this means that the compressor or inverter is working much too hard to cool down your air and there is likely something wrong with one of the components within your air conditioner.

Common troubleshooting solutions, like cleaning your air filters or making sure that the fan and its motor are working correctly, may just help you get rid of this error.

But in extreme cases where there is something wrong with the fan, compressor or wiring, you may need to contact a professional for assistance.

Cleaning your air filters

Dirty air filters can prevent proper airflow to your air conditioner and this could be what is causing your compressor to overwork itself. This can lead to this component eventually overheating or even shutting down completely.

Larger LG air conditioners may require that you completely replace your air filters every few months, but most of the air filters for smaller models are washable.

To clean these filters, you simply need to remove them from the casing and then scrub them gently using lukewarm water and a soft brush before letting them dry and returning them to their correct place.

Checking your fan and fan motor

The fan is a crucial component that helps your air conditioner circulate both warm and cool air. The E8 error could also mean that something is preventing the fan inside your air conditioner from turning and circulating this air.

You may need to remove the outside casing from your air conditioner to inspect the fan.

But once you have access, you need to clear any leaves, sticks or dirt which may be preventing the blades from spinning and also ensure that the fan and its motor are still connected properly and that there are no damaged wires in the system.

Other more serious issues that could be causing the E8 error

If your air filters are not dirty and your fan and fan motor seem to be working just fine, this could indicate that there is a much more serious component issue which is causing the overload in the system.

Some of the most common component issues that could be causing such an issue include damaged wires, a compressor malfunction, an inverter malfunction, a fan motor malfunction and even issues with the power supply to the unit.

These types of issues can be complex to repair and fix, and since such intricate repairs can infringe on warranty agreements, it is often best to contact a professional if you suspect that this could be what is causing the E8 error code.

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