LG inverter air conditioner error code CH 46

If your LG inverter air conditioner is displaying a CH 46 error code, the thermistor on the outdoor suction line has likely been disconnected or has a short.

Air conditioners use a rather complex process to cool the air in your space little by little.

LG inverter air conditioners use a series of thermistors and other sensors to monitor this process. But if you are seeing a CH 46 error code, this means there is an issue with the thermistor on the outdoor suction line.

How air conditioners work

Air conditioners are complex machines that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, regardless of what your air conditioner looks like, it will cool your air by running it over a series of coils.

These coils are filled with refrigerant and with the help of a condenser and compressor, this refrigerant is changed from a low-pressure gas to a high-pressure liquid, which makes the coils extremely cold.

When your air passes over these coils, it releases excess moisture and heat, and the cooler air is then released into the room.

LG inverter air conditioner error code CH 46

Air conditioners work in cycles, taking in little bits of air at a time, until all of the air in the space has been cooled and the ambient temperature has dropped to your desired level.

In order for your LG air conditioner to know when it is time to cycle again or when to stop cycling, these appliances come equipped with a range of thermistors and sensors which monitor their surrounds and internal processes.

If you have noticed that your LG inverter air conditioner is displaying a CH 46 error code, this is bad news, as it means that there is an issue with the thermistor on the outdoor suction line.

While some air conditioner errors are not quite that serious and can be resolved through a simple cleaning or reset, thermistors are electrical components, and they usually require the attention of skilled professionals.

This CH 46 error signifies that this thermistor has either been disconnected from the main PCB board or it has a short, which means that it can no longer detect the temperature of the suction line that is connected to your compressor.

Either way, the thermistor will likely need to be replaced before your air conditioner can be turned on again.

If you are not comfortable handling electrical equipment or you just want to ensure that the job is done correctly, this is really a repair best left to the professionals.

Where to find the thermistor on the outdoor suction line

Checking the owner’s manual is the easiest way to find where this thermistor is located.

But if you have lost or misplaced your manual and you just want to investigate the problem before calling in a professional, it should not be too difficult to locate on the outside unit itself.

This thermistor monitors the outdoor unit’s suction line, so it is best to look out for a small probe connected to the larger copper tube on the compressor.

Remember to be careful when you are removing service panels or fiddling with any of the electrical components on the air conditioner.

How to check the thermistor on the outdoor suction line

If you notice any loose connections on the PCB board, or there are obvious signs of damaged or disconnected wires where the suction line thermistor connects to the compressor on the outdoor unit, there is definitely an issue with this component, and it will definitely need to be replaced.

But a short may not be as easy to spot. The best way to check if this thermistor has shorted out is to disconnect the sensor from the PCB before measuring its resistance using an electrical multi-meter, like the Kaiweets HT118A Digital Multimeter.

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How to know when it is time to call in a professional

Some air conditioner owners are perfectly comfortable with checking and even replacing their units’ thermistors all on their own.

But it can be dangerous to work with electrical equipment if you do not know what you are doing, and if you are scared of damaging yourself, or the air conditioner, you should consult a professional for help.

It is also important to keep in mind that if your LG air conditioner is still under warranty, then opening the service panels to get to the thermistor or tampering with any of the electrical components may render this warranty null and void.

In this case, it may be better to hire an accredited professional to come and take a look instead, as this may save you some money when it comes to replacing the thermistor or PCB.

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