A quick guide to using the Black and Decker portable air conditioner

What are the things to consult in the user manual of a Black and Decker portable air conditioner to ensure that you know how to use it properly?

You may have just purchased a Black and Decker portable air conditioner for your home, and now it is time to go through the user manual to make sure that you know all that there is to know about your new portable air conditioner.

Some information that will be contained in the user manual for you will be the safety information and safety guidelines to ensure that you use your new unit safely, as well as how to set it up and use it properly.

Additionally, there will be instructions on how to clean and care for your unit, and how to troubleshoot should a problem arise.

What are some of the safety guidelines of using your Black and Decker portable unit?

In order to prevent and injury or damage, you are to always ensure that you use your unit without having it exposed to any moisture, such as condensation or splashed water, and is to be stored where it is not at risk of falling into any liquid, if so, make sure to unplug it right away.

Your unit will always need to be moved in an upright position and be placed on a balanced flat surface.

Your unit is to never be left on while you are not using it. It is important to always call a professional in the case of repairs, especially if the supply cord needs fixing. Make sure there is air at least 12 inches around the unit, and unplug it right away should it be accidentally knocked over.

You are to never use your portable unit in a moisture-filled room like a bathroom or laundry room, you are to always touch the unit with dry hands, and are no to touch knobs on the control panel only with your fingers.

Do not take off any permanent covers and never use the appliance in the event that it is not working or has fallen and may be damaged.

Do not use the plug to turn the unit on or off, never cover it or block the inner and outer grilles, and never use harmful chemicals to clean the unit.

In order to save as much as possible on energy, you are to use the unit only in the recommended room size, so if the unit has a cooling capacity of 5 000 BTU, then make sure that your portable unit is cooling a room 150 square feet.

Moreover, if the unit has a 6 000 BTU cooling capacity, it should cool down a room 250 square feet. Place the unit where the furniture will not obstruct any of the unit’s airflow. The unit’s filters are always to be kept clean.

How can you set up and use your portable air conditioner?

There are certain installation processes to be followed to use your portable air conditioner, including installing the window slider for the venting of your air conditioner, the installation of the exhaust hose to the unit’s connector at the back and to the window connector.

In order to use your portable unit effectively, all of these installation processes need to be followed properly to safely and securely fit on all the components to get the unit to work.

How to troubleshoot some issues that might occur with the unit

Should you find that your unit is not cooling enough, you can fix this by ensuring windows and doors are closed, cleaning the air filter, lowering the set temperature or connecting the duct to make sure it will work properly.

If the unit stops working, it could be that it is in defrost mode and will mechanically restart itself once all the build-up of frost has been removed.

This could also mean that the unit is going through a probe failure, in this case calling customer service will help. In the case that the unit is not starting, you might need to drain the water or look into changing the set temperature.

If the unit is producing noise and vibration, this could mean that the surface it is placed on is not balanced and flat. Look for a flatter surface to place the unit to get rid of noise and vibration.

If the remote control of the unit does not seem to work, it might need a brand new set of batteries and you might not be pointing it in the direction of the air conditioner properly for it to pick up.

It is therefore important to always consult the user manual to operate your unit properly.

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