Portable air conditioner fills with water quickly

Exploring the reasons why your portable air conditioner may be filling up with water quickly and the steps to take in the case that this occurs.

You own a portable air conditioner and you notice that it seems to be filling up with water at a more frequent rate. This is not a common problem but it can happen, and there are various reasons why this might be the case.

There are ways in which you can establish why your portable air conditioner seems to be malfunctioning like this. Some of the causes of this can be simple and easy for you to fix yourself, without the help of a specialist.

Why do portable air conditioners quickly accumulate water?

One of the reasons behind this occurrence could be a high humidity level. This is because part of the cooling process of a portable air conditioner is for it to drive out humidity from the air.

This makes it a normal thing for the air conditioners pan to fill up faster, as it is working twice as hard to cool the room or space. This can result in it emptying once an hour or less.

Some portable air conditioners will tend to fill up with water faster if they have been newly installed or have not been used in a long while. This is because the unit needs to dehumidify the total surroundings at first, as it cools in order for the humidity to drop to regular levels.

If your portable air conditioner is faulty, this too can result in water filling up at a more rapid pace. Some air conditioners will definitely condense more water if the air filter is dirty and clogged.

Now, due to this, the airflow of your air conditioners evaporator coil will end up blocked, which will lead to the coil reaching super cold temperatures and eventually freezing.

When the frozen coil starts to melt, water will start to drip into the evaporator container, causing it to fill up much faster. Additionally, the condensate water pump may also not be working properly.

The weather could also be a culprit in this case. People who tend to live in extremely humid places will most certainly get an accumulation of water in their portable air conditioners. This is because the unit is working harder to keep the space as cool as it can be in these hot temperatures.

How to fix the issues related to your portable AC quickly filling up with water

If humidity levels are too high, there is nothing much you can do but be patient. Once the air indoors has been cooled enough, your air conditioner will start to collect less water as the humidity has been maintained.

In the case of a newly installed unit, only once it is done dehumidifying will there be a reduced emptying of water. It is wise, however, to ensure that windows and doors of the space in which you are using your portable air conditioner are closed.

When the portable air conditioner is faulty with a dirty air filter contributing to this, regular checking, cleaning and maintenance is needed. Most manufacturers will tend to recommend cleaning and replacement after a 30-90 day period.

Where the hot and humid weather conditions are to blame, getting your hands on a dehumidifier could be beneficial. When weather conditions are extreme, a dehumidifier that is installed in the same room as your portable air conditioner may help the air conditioner from working extra hard to dehumidify the room or space.

Removing anything else around the house that might be contributing to the moister environment can also help with this. The Orfeld dehumidifier is an example of what you will need.

How to drain your portable air conditioner and how often

In most cases, you can manually drain your portable unit by removing the drain plug and allowing it to drain into an empty container or drain.

The amount of times you would need to do this can depend on your humidity, but typically around six to eight hours or several weeks. An option offering lower maintenance for you is to attach a drain hose to your portable air conditioner.

Portable air conditioning units are designed to perform an important task, which is to ensure that you get the best in cooling technology at your convenience.

Should your portable unit be filling up with water quickly, it is important to note the reasons why but to be sure whether you can fix the problem yourself.

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