Rheem water heater vs Bradford White

When you consider the pros and cons of Rheem water heater vs Bradford White, it is clear that one brand is accessible and DIY-friendly and the other, premium and durable.

There are so many factors to consider when you need to decide on which water heater to buy, that it can be quite overwhelming.

Since Rheem and Bradford White are two of the leading water heater manufacturers, it can be helpful to compare the pros and cons of these brands to help you make a decision.

What to consider when buying a new water heater

Your water heater will most likely be one of the most-used appliances in your home, even if it is tucked away and out of sight.

However, it can be difficult to know which water heater to choose, because there are so many types of water heaters, water heater manufacturers to choose from, and costs involved in the process to take into account.

However, the best way to go about this is to determine your household’s needs in terms of the amount of hot water you use at once, the type of fuel you prefer, and the energy efficiency level that you would like to maintain.

Rheem water heater vs Bradford White

Rheem and Bradford White are two of the water heater manufacturers that often have consumers stumped as to which one they should choose.

Both of these brands have been leaders in the water heater manufacturing business for a long time and have extensive product lines for prospective buyers to choose from.

The most obvious difference between these two brands is their availability and accessibility.

Rheem water heaters are widely available in big box stores and even online at Amazon, like the Rheem 18kW 240V Tankless Electric Water Heater which retails for $449.

On the other hand, Bradford White water heaters are only available from professional plumbing supply stores, and they come at a premium price tag.

This makes Rheem much more accessible. However, many experts agree that Bradford White is purposefully limiting their supply so that they can be sure that their products are in good standing and that you can get expert advice when you purchase them.

There are various pros and cons about each brand to keep in mind when you are trying to decide between the two and comparing these factors to your household’s needs and requirements can help you to determine which one is ideal for you.

The pros and cons for each brand can be summarised as follows:

Brand Rheem Bradford White
  • Lower cost
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Smart technologies
  • Very dependable
  • Self-cleaning
  • Standard warranties
  • Made in America
  • Not very dependable
  • Pro-rated warranties
  • Availability limited to authorised dealers
  • Need to be installed by a professional

The pros and cons of Rheem water heaters

Rheem water heaters tend to be less expensive than Bradford White heaters, because they have such a wide range of products and retailers and they do not need to be installed by professionals.

Beside the lower price, Rheem water heaters are also known for being some of the most environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and innovative products on the market. Rheem’s water heaters also have smart technologies, but they are not as reliable as other models.

This is even more worrisome when you consider that they only offer pro-rated warranties on their products, which means that they do not cover the cost of replacement, they only reimburse you for the remainder of your warranty period.

Rheem products are manufactured internationally, which means that you may need to wait longer for replacement parts to be ordered and delivered if you cannot find them locally.

The pros and cons of Bradford White water heaters

Bradford White water heaters are obviously the premium option when compared to Rheem. However, what really makes Bradford White stand out is the fact that their water heaters are well-designed, and they have a self-cleaning function, which helps minimise the wear and tear of the unit over time.

They also have an excellent customer service team and standard warranty options ranging from six to 10 years.

However, this durability comes at a higher purchasing cost and the addition of any installation costs, since the Bradford White water heaters need to be installed by professionals.

Is Rheem or Bradford White better for your household?

When you take all of the pros and cons above into consideration, it is evident that the Rheem water heaters are best for low-demand households, where there is a DIY-expert that can install and maintain this unit at a lower cost, by themselves.

The Bradford White water heaters are ideal for households that prioritise durability and reliability and want an expert stamp of approval on their products and installations.

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