Should air conditioner be on auto or fan?

Looking at whether you should choose to set your air conditioner to auto or fan, as well as the pros and cons of applying each of these modes.

If you are wondering which setting to choose to run your air conditioning unit, between the auto or fan mode, it may be best to first understand what the purpose of each of the functions is.

You also want to understand how they have your air conditioner running, as well as both the advantages and disadvantages of each of the functions. This will help you to determine which mode would best suit you and your cooling needs, as well as your budget.

This is simply because each mode will perform differently, either consuming more or less energy depending on what is required of the function set.

What is the difference between running the air conditioner on auto and on fan?

The fan setting on the thermostat of your air conditioner is what controls your unit’s blower. The blower is what helps hot or cold air to travel throughout your home until the temperature on the thermostat is achieved.

Now, your air conditioner in most cases has two settings that control the fan on your thermostat – auto and on/fan.

The auto setting means that the fan of your air conditioner will turn itself on automatically when your air conditioners system is either heating or cooling the air.

Once the thermostat reaches the selected temperature, the whole system of the air conditioner will then turn off until the next cycle.

The on/fan function simply means that the air conditioners fan will constantly be on and blowing air. This will be happening even when your system is not heating or cooling the air.

Basically, choosing which function to run your air conditioners fan will be a personal preference, depending on which function seems to deliver what you need.

What are the pros and cons of having your air conditioner on the on/fan setting?

Some of the pros of opting for this setting is that it will deliver an equal distribution of heating and cooling for your home. It will allow for the air around your home to be even throughout as well as in every room. This will help to reduce the possibility of having hot and cold spots in your home.

With your air conditioner on fan mode, this will allow for less stress on the fan due to less frequent starts and stops when switching the unit on and off. This has the potential to help increase the lifespan of your unit.

You may also find that the air in your home may be cleaner if it is pulled through a filtration or UV light system.

The cons of having your air conditioning unit run on fan/on mode include you having to pay more money since the fan is running continuously, which will cause your electricity bill to peak. The blower motor’s fan could potentially wear out faster due to the constant running of the fan.

Your air handler filter may end up clogging up more often as air will be flowing through it constantly, this will then require you to clean it and change it more regularly. An increase in humidity could result from having the fan setting on and this is due to moisture not escaping the air in this setting.

What are the pros and cons of running your air conditioner on the auto setting?

This mode is more energy efficient, as it means that it only runs when the system is trying to reach the desired temperature and not continuously. Once it reaches the temperature it needs to, it turns itself off until the next cycle.

The auto setting can act as a dehumidifier, drawing out any moisture from your home, especially during the summer months. You will have to replace your furnace filter more often and air could be cleaner if you have a filtration system in your home.

Some cons of running your air conditioner in auto mode include the potential for less evenly distributed air in your home, this is because as your system shuts off after reaching the desired temperature, it will not allow for all rooms to be cooled at the same time.

The start and stop of the auto setting can cause stress on the system, which could lead to some malfunctions and damages. The blower motor fan of your air conditioner may wear out faster due to more frequent starts and stops.

Therefore, if you are considering choosing one of these options to run your air conditioner, make sure that you are choosing the option that will make more sense for you and your home, not forgetting saving on energy costs.

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