What can I put under my fridge to protect the carpet?

You have the option to put things under your fridge on the carpet that can make it easier to move, prevent spills, and that will protect the carpet.

There are various drawbacks and benefits to having carpeting in your space, including the fact that carpets are soft, but they are difficult to clean.

However, if you want to place a refrigerator on top of this carpet, you need to place something underneath the fridge to protect the carpet and to make the refrigerator easier to move.

The benefits and drawbacks of carpeted spaces

Adding carpeting to your space is a great way to make the space feel softer, warmer, and more inviting.

Carpeting is also a relatively inexpensive flooring solution for large and high-traffic areas, but this does not mean that there are no drawbacks to installing carpets in a space.

Carpets tend to pick up and hold on to a lot of dirt and particles as people move through your space, and this can become quite difficult to clean after a while. This could also lead to a higher risk of bacterial or mould and mildew growth over time.

What can I put under my fridge to protect the carpet?

As beneficial as carpets can be to the design and feeling of your space, the fact that carpets tend to absorb spills and are challenging to clean thoroughly, means that this is not always the ideal type of flooring to have underneath your fridge.

However, if you live in a place that has limited space, you have a spare fridge in your entertainment or bar area, or you simply have new carpets installed that you do not want to remove, there are still a few solutions that you can try for things to put under your refrigerator if you need to place the refrigerator on a carpet.

Refrigerators are fairly heavy appliances and even small ones, like mini-fridges, can be difficult to move on carpet.

If your goal is to be able to move your fridge easily for cleaning or rearranging purposes when it is on the carpet, your best option is to put something with a flat and smooth surface underneath the refrigerator on the carpet.

However, if your main concern is the possible spills or leaks that can come from the food and beverages inside your fridge or from the water or ice dispenser in your fridge, if it  has one, a smaller mat that can be washed easily is your safest option.

If you are not concerned with moving your refrigerator or possible spills, but rather with the way that your refrigerator’s feet could damage your carpet, then a carpet protection film can be a great solution.

What to put under your refrigerator on carpet to move it easier

A heavy refrigerator and an uneven, soft carpet is not the best combination when you need to move your refrigerator often to clean underneath it or to change the layout of your room.

In this case, placing a smooth and flat object underneath the refrigerator on the carpet, like one of the options below, is your best option. Some of the best options in this category and their prices are:

Option Price Available on Amazon
Plywood sheet $58.79
Appliance rollers $29.99
Fridge stand $20.99

These options can make it easier for you to move your refrigerator or even to lift it from the ground slightly so that you can access underneath it to clean.

What to put under your refrigerator on carpet to prevent spills

Since refrigerators are used to store and keep various food and beverage items cold, some of these items will inevitably spill when you are taking containers or produce out of the fridge or putting them back in.

The risk of spills is amplified when your refrigerator has a built-in dispenser for water or ice. These spills can turn into a big mess when your fridge is on a carpet, especially because carpets can be so difficult to clean.

This is why it is a good option to choose something that is easy to clean or waterproof to put under your fridge if it is on a carpet, such as:

Option Price Available on Amazon
Refrigerator mat $19.99
PVC pad $33.85
Vinyl runner $35.99

What to put under your fridge on the carpet to protect your carpet

If your main concern about placing your fridge on a spot that is on your carpet, are the scratches or indentations that the legs of the fridge will leave on the carpet, then a carpet protector, like this Resilia Floor Protector or this Carpet Protection Film is your best option.

These options are available for purchase on Amazon

These films are clear, so they will blend in with the carpet, but they will protect it.

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