What does a through-the-wall air conditioner look like on the outside?

What through-the-wall air conditioners look like from the outside, what the benefits and downsides of these units are, and fitting window units like through the wall units.


There are an array of varying types of air conditioners on the market to choose from. All of these are intended to perform the same function – cooling down a space. Different air conditioners are suited to different environments and installation will differ depending on the type of unit being fitted.

Through-the-wall air conditioners need to be installed directly through a wall, making for quite a complicated installation process. One might wonder what this unit looks like once installed and particularly what it looks like on the outside, given that it is literally situated inside the wall.

Through-the-wall air conditioners

Through-the-wall air conditioners are extremely complicated units to fit and install, the process requires a lot of work, specifically cutting through a hard wall, to fit the unit inside.

However, once this unit is installed, it is not an eyesore as it barely stands out or takes up too much interior space, like other air conditioners would.

The majority of the back of a through-the-wall unit will stick out on the exterior of the wall, making for less protrusion on the inside of the space it is cooling.

What does a through-the-wall air conditioner look like on the outside?

When you look at a through-the-wall air conditioner, you might quickly mistake it for a window air conditioner, as they can look quite similar to each other, especially in the way they are installed.

Buyers should note that a through-the-wall unit is quite different from a window air conditioner. A through-the-wall unit is installed into a sleeve that is placed through a hole in the wall that you need to cut out.

A large part of the back of the unit with the grille will protrude from the outside to allow for ventilation to take place.

Most of the unit will stick out of the exterior of the wall, while on the interior, a minimal portion of the front of the unit will be visible, freeing up more space inside.

Some through-the-wall air conditioning units available on Amazon are listed below.

Through-the-wall air conditioners

AC brand Description Amazon price

Frigidaire Through The Wall ac unit

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·  Noise levels of 61dB and 12 000BTU cooling capacity

·  Energy star rated cooling spaces of up to 550 square feet


Koldfront Through The Wall ac unit

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·  12 000BTU cooling capacity cooling spaces of up to 55 square feet

·  SEER rating of 10.5


LG Through The Wall ac unit

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·  11 000BTU cooling capacity for rooms of up to 500 square feet

·  Features an energy-saving mode


Benefits of through-the-wall air conditioners

Through-the-wall air conditioning units come with a few more benefits than other types of units. With installation, there is no ductwork required as a single unit serves for both the indoor and outdoor functions of the air conditioner.

Another benefit of choosing through-the-wall air conditioners is for their energy efficiency. They are said to be quite energy efficient compared to window air conditioners.

This is because they create an airtight seal in the room and, therefore, no cold or warm air can escape or enter the room.

The disadvantage of through-the-wall units

The biggest downside of through-the-wall units is probably the installation process, which requires cutting a huge hole in the wall.

This is a serious commitment to make because if you ever need to remove the unit, you will have to refill and repaint the hole from scratch.

You need to have thoroughly proper insulation for this type of unit, and if you do not insulate the hole properly, a draft can get through. You should, therefore, know how to insulate the hole to avoid issues.

Can you fit a regular window unit through the wall?

Since through-the-wall and window air conditioners can be mistaken for each other, some people might wonder if a window unit can also be fitted through the wall.

These units are usually not  interchangeable, however, there are some window air conditioners that can be retrofitted using special sleeves that make them function like wall air conditioners.

Although this is not typically the case given that window and through-the-wall air conditioners have different designs and features and do not work in the same way.

Final thoughts

There are various air conditioning systems to choose from when you are considering buying a cooling unit for your home. The look and feel of a unit can be a factor in some cases, as many people want their units to look visually appealing in their space.

Through-the-wall units take up minimal space in a room, fitting comfortably through the wall. The majority of the outside of a through-the-wall air conditioner (containing the grille) will protrude from the exterior for the ventilation, leaving more room on the inside.

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