What does CH 10 mean in LG AC?

The CH 10 error on LG air conditioners means that the indoor unit’s fan motor cannot turn the way it is supposed to.

The CH 10 error code that is displayed on LG air conditioners sometimes indicates that the indoor fan motor has locked up for some reason. But there are various ways that you can go about finding and fixing this issue.

What does CH 10 mean in LG AC?

The error codes that your LG air conditioner (AC) displays from time to time act as a convenient way for you (or the professional that you hire) to diagnose what is wrong with the unit. And hopefully, a plan can be devised to fix this problem as soon as possible.

The CH 10 error code signifies that the BLDC fan motor in the indoor unit has locked up.

There are a couple of reasons why your air conditioner may be displaying this error, but essentially, it indicates that this fan cannot turn the way that it is supposed to.

In order to really get to the root of this issue, you need to turn the outdoor unit off and remove the front cover and filters from the indoor unit, so that you can inspect the fan properly.

You may also need a screwdriver, like this Populo one, which is ideal for small spaces, to access the control box, where the PCB is located.

Check the fan

The first thing to do when you encounter the CH 10 error is to check the fan, itself.

This includes ensuring that the fan is not dirty (and cleaning any dirt and debris with a sift brush if necessary) and ensuring that the blower wheel (or fan) is secured into its correct place.

You can also remove this fan completely and wash it with some water and a soft brush, before letting it dry and clipping it back into place if it looks very grimy.

Check the resistance

If you are entirely sure that the fan and its connections are secure, then the CH 10 error may be caused by faulty wiring or connection.

If you have some electrical knowledge, you can check the fan motor’s resistance yourself by disconnecting it from the PCB.

Your LG air conditioner’s user manual should have all the information about the ideal resistance levels of your particular unit.

Ensure that the PCB is not the problem

If the resistance of the fan motor is within the correct range, then the PCB may be causing your problem.

If you spot any loose wires or carbonization on the front or back of this board, this could be the short or connection that is causing your fan to lock up.

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