What does Eco mean on an air conditioner?

The Eco Mode on your air conditioner stands for Economy Mode and it is intended to make the air conditioner more energy-efficient.

Air conditioners can use a lot of power when they have to cool your space in a short amount of time.

The “Eco Mode” on your air conditioner can help to reduce its power consumption, by periodically turning the compressor and fan off to maintain a higher, comfortable, temperature.

Air conditioner energy consumption

Running your air conditioner is one of the most effective ways to make your space feel cooler and more comfortable. However, air conditioners are large, and they can be some of the most high-usage appliances in the home.

This is why, even though you may be tempted to, running your air conditioner all day every day may not be the wisest or most economical option in the long run.

What does Eco mean on an air conditioner?

As time has gone on, more air conditioner manufacturers have started adding a variety of special features, modes and other nice-to-have add-ons to their models  to make them more convenient to use.

It can be quite tricky to try and keep track of all of these different modes and features, but the Eco Mode (which you will find on many of the modern air conditioning units) is pretty straightforward.

When your air conditioner is operating in the regular Cool Mode, the appliance will work continuously to keep your room at your desired temperature.

However, when you run your air conditioner in Eco Mode (also sometimes referred to as the ‘Economy Mode’ or the ‘Energy Saver Mode’) the air conditioner does not have to work quite as hard to maintain this temperature.

In most cases, air conditioners operating in Eco Mode will only turn on the compressor until your desired temperature is reached.

The fan will then usually turn on about every 10 minutes, so that the ambient temperature of the room can be measured.

But if this temperature has not increased considerably in the period between measurements, the compressor will not switch back on (or it will turn on, but it will work much slower than it usually would).

Some air conditioners even have motion sensors, sunlight sensors or targeted cooling technologies built right into them to assist with maximizing air conditioner performance while also limiting the capacity, when the machine is in Eco Mode.

This allows you to maintain a relatively cool and comfortable environment for long periods of time, without placing too much strain on the air conditioner or running up your electricity bill unnecessarily.

This is why the Eco Mode may actually be quite beneficial for both you and your air conditioner in the long term.

Eco Mode vs. Auto Mode

The Eco Mode is often confused with the Auto Mode. While these operation modes may seem very similar initially, they endeavour to achieve two very different things.

The Eco mode aims to be as efficient as possible, by usually running the compressor and fan motors less often than other modes.

Auto Mode, on the other hand, automatically adjusts things like the fan and compressor speed, in order to maintain your set temperature, even when the temperature and humidity levels in the room change.

Should you always run your air conditioner in Eco Mode?

Running your air conditioner in Eco Mode can be a great way to protect the machine and your wallet, but it is important to keep in mind that your air conditioner may not be quite as vigorous when it is operating in this mode and your space will likely also not reach a very low temperature.

As a result, it is usually best to run your air conditioner in Eco Mode when the temperatures outside are not quite as warm, or in instances where you just want your room a bit cooler.

The benefits of running your air conditioner in Eco Mode

You may have realized by now that the main reason why some homeowners run their air conditioners in Eco Mode is to cut down on the power usage of their appliances.

Not only does this allow you to be more eco-friendly, but it can also save you money on your electricity bill.

However, cost savings is not the only benefit that you get by running your air conditioner in Eco Mode.

Since the Eco Mode places much less pressure on your  air conditioning system, it can also help to prevent excess wear and tear, and may even extend the lifetime of your components.

Your air conditioner will also operate much more quietly in this mode since the fan and compressor will not always be working.

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