What does filter reset mean on an air conditioner?

The “Filter Reset” light on an air conditioner is there to remind you to clean or replace the air filters periodically.

Regular maintenance and repairs are really the best way to ensure that your air conditioner will be able to keep your space cool and comfortable.

If the “Filter Reset” light on your air conditioner has turned on, this means that it is likely time for you to clean or replace your air filters. This will ensure that the unit can function properly.

Why air conditioner maintenance is so important

Air conditioners are definitely a convenient solution for cooling your space quickly. Though these appliances do experience glitches and errors occasionally.

Maintaining your air conditioner through regular cleanings and repairs is an absolutely essential step. It ensures that it continues to function as effectively (and as energy-efficiently) as possible, for as long as possible.

What does filter reset mean on an air conditioner?

In order for your air conditioner to actually cool your space, it needs to extract the warm air from the space and then release the cooled air back into your space.

As the air conditioner continues to do this in cycles, all of the air in the space eventually cools down, until the space reaches the desired temperature.

However, this process is not quite as simple as it sounds. The warm air in your space often includes dust particles, pet hair and other pollutants, which could clog up your air conditioner components or accumulate on the inside of the unit.

This is why air conditioners have removable air filters which are responsible for filtering out most of this debris before it can reach any of the other components.

This dirt will build up on the surface of the filter as time goes on, and although this means that the filter is doing its job correctly, it can obstruct the airflow to the other components.

This will, in turn cause all of the other components to work much harder to deliver the same amount of cool air.

Moreover, it may cause unnecessary wear and tear for all of the mechanical components or lead to other kinds of issues like frozen coils, mold growth and an increase in the air conditioner’s energy consumption.

In order to avoid any of these things, air conditioner manufacturers build a timer into these appliances to remind you to clean or replace the air filter periodically.

Therefore, when the “Filter Reset” light on your air conditioner turns on, it means that it is most likely time for you to clean your air filters.

What does it mean to do a filter reset?

Usually, doing a filter reset simply means that you need to remove the air filters from your air conditioner and clean them, before placing them back into the unit.

The owner’s manual of your air conditioner will have the proper instructions for how to remove these filters without damaging them, but this is usually a fairly simple process.

Some units have disposable filters (which cannot be cleaned) and in this case, you need to take out the filters and replace them with entirely new filters.

How to turn off the “Filter Reset” light

Once you have cleaned your air filters, you need to place them back in the exact position that you found them in before the filter reset can be completed.

(Pro tip: if you had to replace disposable filters, make sure that all of the plastic wrapping and packaging has been removed before switching the air conditioner back on).

Then, simply switch the air conditioner back on and press the “Filter Reset” button. If your unit does not have such a button, you need to consult the owner’s manual for how to switch this light off.

What not to do when the “Filter Reset” light turns on

Cleaning your air filters is a fairly uncomplicated process, but there are some common rookie mistakes that you should try to avoid in this process.

Tips for what not to do include:

  • Do not take out the filters while the air conditioner is on Instead, make sure that you turn off and unplug the unit before you start.
  • Do not run your air conditioner without filters. Instead, try to avoid using your air conditioner until you can do a complete filter reset.
  • Do not use harsh detergents or cleaning agents to clean your filter. Some gentle dish soap and lukewarm water is more than enough to get rid of grime.
  • Do not place your filters back in the air conditioner while they are still damp. Let these filters dry completely in an upright position.

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