What does P1 mean on Midea air conditioner?

The P1 error code on a Midea air conditioner means that there is a problem with overvoltage or low voltage for indoor units and high pressure for outdoor units.

There are many things that you should consider, to ensure that your air conditioner (AC) is installed correctly and that it will work properly.

If a P1 error is appearing on your Midea air conditioner, this can be a problem caused by improper installation, which has resulted in low voltage or overvoltage, or high pressure for your outside unit.

Installation considerations for your air conditioner

These days, air conditioners come in many different shapes and sizes and while only central air conditioning systems, mini-split systems, and some window air conditioners really require professional installation, the proper installation of your air conditioner is crucial to ensure that it can function as effectively as possible.

To ensure that an air conditioner is installed correctly, you need to take the manufacturer’s specifications, the layout of your space, and the electrical requirements of your system, into account.

What does P1 mean on Midea air conditioner?

Although proper installation can go a long way to ensure that your air conditioner operates as it should, this does not mean that proper installation will help you avoid all of the operational problems that you may experience with the AC unit.

This is why many air conditioner brands, like Midea, develop an error code system, whereby their air conditioners warn you when something is not right with how the system is operating.

Some of these issues can be caused by improper installation and some just happen as components wear out over time.

The P1 error is one of the codes in this error code system that can usually be traced back to improper installation.

If the P1 error code is being displayed on the indoor unit of your Midea mini-split unit, this indicates that there is a problem with overvoltage or a voltage that is too low.

This means that the power that is supplied to your unit does not match up with the electrical requirements of the unit, and as a result, electrical components can be damaged. This is why it is often a good idea to invest in voltmeters and surge protectors for your air conditioner.

On the other hand, if the outdoor unit of your Midea air conditioner is flashing twice or displaying a P1 error, this is indicative of a high pressure problem, which can be caused by incorrect installation or by dirty coils.

This incorrect installation or these dirty coils in turn cause the compressor to overheat and cut out.

What does overvoltage or low voltage mean for Midea air conditioners?

When the P1 error occurs in most of the Midea AC mini-split units, this indicates that the unit is trying to protect itself from a voltage that is too high or too low for the air conditioner to function effectively and safely.

This error is usually triggered by voltages that are below 120 Volts or above 400 Volts.

This is because if the air conditioner continues to work even though the incoming voltage is too low, the air conditioner has to work harder and it can overheat.

When the voltage is too high, this can cause a surge, which will damage the electrical components of the AC.

How can you protect your Midea air conditioner from overvoltage or low voltage?

Since it can be damaging for your air conditioner to work in overvoltage or low voltage conditions or even just inconvenient that your air conditioner is not working, because a P1 error code has been triggered, you may wonder what you can do to prevent this from happening.

Fortunately, you can ensure that the outlet into which your air conditioner is plugged has the appropriate voltage, by plugging a voltmeter into the outlet.

You can also use a surge protector for your air conditioner to protect it from damage when the voltage in your electricity system gets too high.

What does P1 mean on Midea air conditioner? What does P1 mean on Midea air conditioner?
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Why a P1 high pressure warning can damage your air conditioner

If the P1 error code is being displayed on the outside unit of your Midea air conditioner instead of the inside unit, this indicates that there is a problem with high pressure instead of the electrical components.

The pressure in your air conditioner can get too high if the coils of the outside unit are dirty or if foliage has overgrown the unit.

This high pressure puts additional stress on the compressor, which can lead to it overheating and eventually just cutting out because the strain is too much for this component.

Long periods of high stress mean that you will have to replace many of the AC’s electrical components more often than usual.

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