What is the AI mode in LG air conditioners?

The AI mode in some LG air conditioners is an Auto Operation mode, which optimises the fan speed and other settings on your unit automatically.

LG air conditioners (AC) are designed to be as convenient to use as possible. This is why many of these units have innovative technologies included in their design.

This includes the AI (Artificial Intelligence) mode that some LG air conditioners have, which automates the suitable settings for the conditions of your space and desired temperature.

The convenience of LG air conditioners

Many homeowners have invested in one kind of air conditioner, or more, in order to keep their homes comfortable and cool.

As a result of the increasing popularity of different types of air conditioners, manufacturers, like LG, have started developing their own innovative technologies to make their units perform better.

Part of this better performance involves the convenience of using the air conditioner in everyday life.

This includes additions such as remote controls and Smart devices with Wi-Fi and mobile application or home assistant compatibility, so that you can control the cooling of your space from wherever you are.

What is the AI mode in LG air conditioners?

The AI mode or Auto Operation mode included in some of the LG split air conditioners is a newer innovative technology from the brand that is aimed at making LG air conditioners more effective and convenient to use.

This Artificial Intelligence refers to the fact that when you run your LG air conditioner in this operational mode, the machine automatically sets the fan speed and temperature according to the temperature that your space is at that moment, and it can even sense how many people are in the room.

You can select this function by turning on the unit using your LG remote control. Then, you need to press the “MODE” button to cycle through the various modes available on your air conditioner, until you get to the AI mode.

This mode’s symbol is the letter A inside of a head and it should appear on the display panel on your remote and on the unit itself when you have selected it.

This AI mode allows you to select the temperature that you want the room to be, and your LG air conditioner will automatically adjust its fan speed to maintain this temperature.

Although you will not be able to set the unit’s fan speed when you are running your air conditioner in this mode, there are many convenience and efficiency benefits to using your AC in this mode.

There are also alternatives to consider, which can help you create the same effect if your air conditioner model does not have this mode.

How the AI mode in LG air conditioners works

When you activate the AI mode on your LG air conditioner, you will not have to manually choose the fan speed and other settings to suit your space.

You will be able to choose from the following temperature settings, by using the up and down temperature arrows on your remote control, as is shown below:

Operation code for room temperature Description
2 Cold
1 A little cold
0 Maintain the room temperature
-1 A little hot
-2 Hot

Selecting the operation code will allow you to have more control over the temperature that you want your room or space to be.

The benefits of the AI mode for LG air conditioners

The biggest benefit of having this AI mode activated on your LG air conditioner is that it automates the process of choosing the right settings for your space.

This mode is more convenient because it takes the effort and guesswork out of having to continuously adjust the settings until your room becomes comfortable.

Some customers also claim that this mode uses less electricity, or at least that it uses electricity more efficiently, as it does not require the fan motors and compressor to run at full speed for short periods, but rather at a lower speed, consistently.

Other automation options

If your air conditioner does not have this AI function, you do not have to worry as there are alternatives, which can help you achieve the same results.

The most common alternative to the built-in LG AI system is to purchase a smart thermostat which will allow you to make changes to settings remotely and may even use the same machine-learning technologies that the LG AI system uses.

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is available for $199.99 on Amazon and learns from the pattern of your behaviours to adjust its operation in the future.

Other, less high-tech options like the Honeywell Home T9 Thermostat, allow you to schedule your settings in advance.

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