What is the best brand of split system air conditioner in Australia?

The hot and humid tropical Australian climate means that many citizens want the best in air conditioning, specifically, in split-type systems that are available on the Australian market.

The weather in Australia can get particularly hot, making it a necessity for people to have a good cooling system in their homes, so that they can make it through the hot conditions. Air conditioners are a great consideration for cooling indoor spaces efficiently.

With the many different types of air conditioners to consider that are on the market, split-type systems present some of the best options you can find.

So, if you need a good mini-split system for your Australian home, it may be a good idea to do some research about the best split systems in Australia.

Split system air conditioners in Australia

The climate in some parts of Australia is quite warm. For this reason, many people choose to invest in a good air conditioner that can cool entire homes.

Cooling more than one room can be a good approach, given how hot and humid Australia can be in summer and its warmer, drier weather in the winter.

Split-type systems can cool multiple indoors spaces simultaneously, so it could be helpful to know the best ones.

What is the best brand of split system air conditioner in Australia?

Split systems come with an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor air handler. Some people opt to have more than one indoor air handler to cool separate living spaces, making the home cooler more easily.

If you are looking for a split system for your Australian home, it is helpful to know which ones are considered the best on the market in your decision-making.

There are a few split system air conditioners that are regarded as the best on the market for Australian homes and summers. Each of these are great options for when you consider getting a mini-split system for your home.

Amidst the three best options is the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Series, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte, which is one of the best overall split systems you can find, and the ActronAir Serene Series 2.

Overall, Mitsubishi is the best brand in the air conditioner market.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Series

This split system is one of the best for cooling small to medium rooms, which makes it a great option if you want to cool bedrooms and offices, amongst others.

It comes in a range of cooling capacities from 2.0kW (6 824 BTU) to 5.0kW (17 061 BTU). The unit costs around AU$1 103, and you get a unit with a reverse heating option, Wi-Fi compatibility, and an energy saving mode, sleep mode, and an eco-mode, which makes it an environmentally-friendly unit.

It scores a 3-star energy rating for both heating and cooling in an average climate. The unit also has user-friendly operation and functions.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte Series

This unit is the best overall split system for cooling large spaces and it is a powerful model. It is priced at around AU$1 550 and offers users a wide range of convenient programs while helping to ensure you have cleaner air quality in your home.

With a range of 7kW (23 885 BTU) to 8kW (27 297 BTU) cooling capacities, the reverse-cycle unit is designed to be a powerful performer.

Jet Air Technology helps deliver extra-long airflow of up to 18 meters, which is why it is suitable for larger spaces or rooms. This unit scores energy ratings of 3 stars for cooling out of 5 and 2 out of 5 for heating.

The ActronAir Serene Series 2 split system

ActronAir is an Australian-owned and operated company that has been in existence for decades and manufactures a split system air conditioner that is considered the best to use in all seasons.

It has a cooling capacity range of 2.65kW (around 8 530 BTU) to 8.5kW (a little above 27 297 BTU), making it ideal for cooling spaces like apartments, small cabins, prefab homes, and distinct living spaces on large properties.

It comes with timers, 3D airflow, and a high density air filter. The split-system is designed for easy and pure home comfort for a price ranging from AU$820 to AU$1 980.

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