What is the biggest problem with LG refrigerators?

The biggest problem with the newer LG refrigerators is that the linear compressor does not work as it should, which causes the refrigerator to not cool at all.

LG has a wide range of refrigerators that are well-known for being reliable and for featuring innovative technologies.

However, one of these technologies, which is known as the linear compressor, has become one of the biggest problems with LG refrigerators.

Since the compressor is such an integral part of how a refrigerator functions, this problem likely means that your LG refrigerator will stop working much sooner than it was supposed to.

Is LG a good brand for refrigerators?

LG has consistently ranked as one of the top refrigerator manufacturer brands in the United States. This high ranking is due the fact that the brand offers its customers as wide variety of refrigerators to choose from.

The LG refrigerators are also known for being very reliable. The newer LG refrigerators also include many features, like InstaView capabilities, Multi-Air Flow Systems, ThinQ technologies, Inverter technologies, and several more.

What is the biggest problem with LG refrigerators?

Although the LG brand is known for producing reliable and innovative products, this does not mean that the brand is perfect. LG refrigerators sometimes have operational issues just like any other appliance does.

In an effort to be innovative, some of the newer LG refrigerator models feature a linear compressor. This compressor differs from the standard single-speed compressors that you would normally see in a refrigerator, it operates more like a digital inverter compressor, where it runs constantly, but at a much lower speed.

This feature was included in these newer LG refrigerator models because it can save a lot of electricity and it can protect the compressor from wear and tear when it is functioning correctly.

However, many LG refrigerator owners have experienced issues with their linear compressors, and this is the biggest problem that plagues the LG refrigerators, since the compressor is an integral part of any refrigerator.

This issue, where owners find that their refrigerators are running but are not cooling because of a faulty seal in the linear compressor, has become such a common problem with LG refrigerators that there was even a class action lawsuit brought about against the brand for this issue, which was settled in 2020.

Even though this class action suit has since been settled, many LG owners still have issues with their linear compressor to this day.

Furthermore, to get the full context of just how big this problem is, it is imperative that you understand why it is such as issue, how important a compressor is for the overall functioning of your refrigerator, and how to know if your LG refrigerator is experiencing this same issue.

How does the compressor of a refrigerator work and why is it important?

The compression system is often referred to as the heart of any cooling system, including LG refrigerators. This is because the compressor pumps refrigerant to and from the coils to cool the coils and expel heat.

This means that if the compressor is not working, it will be like your heart not being able to pump oxygen through your blood, and the refrigerator will consequently not be able to cool at all.

Why has the linear compressor problem in LG refrigerator become such a big problem?

This issue with the LG refrigerator linear compressor not working correctly because of a faulty seal, became a big problem initially because the compressor is such an integral part of how a refrigerator keeps itself cold.

When this issue appears in a particular LG refrigerator model, the compressor fails completely and, in turn, the refrigerator will not cool at all. The fridge then essentially becomes useless for the function of cooling food and beverages.

A standard refrigerator compressor usually lasts between 13 to 20 years, which means that the refrigerator can work for that long before it needs to be replaced.

However, LG refrigerators with faulty compressors have sometimes failed in under three years. This difference in the product’s reliability and durability is what has made this such a big problem.

How to test the linear compressor on an LG refrigerator

If you want to test the linear compressor of an LG refrigerator to see whether you will have to deal with this big problem or not, you can check the following:

  • If you do not hear a slight clicking sound and buzzing when the compressor turns off and on, there can be an issue
  • If the compressor unit is too hot to touch, it may be faulty
  • If there is a relay issue with the compressor, it will not turn on

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