What to do when your GE window air conditioner is not getting cold

If you find that your GE window air conditioner is not getting cold, the issue may be the filters, coils, installation, setting, or even the ambient temperature.

GE air conditioners come in a wide range of models but they are easy to use and have a straightforward design.

If your GE air conditioner is not getting cold as it should be, this could be caused by internal factors such as dirty filters or coils, or faulty installation and setting, or even external factors such as ambient temperatures.

Are GE air conditioners any good?

GE air conditioners are popular because they are widely available and are generally regarded as being good value for money.

GE air conditioners, such as this 5000 BTU AHEC05AC window air conditioning model and this 10000 BTU ‎AHEK10AC model, illustrate that GE has a wide variety of air conditioners to choose from to suit just about any space.

Customers appreciate that the GE air conditioners are relatively affordable and simplistic, but easy to use and effective enough to lower the temperature of the room within a reasonable time.

What to do when your GE window air conditioner is not getting cold

Even though GE air conditioners, especially the window units, like this 8000 BTU ‎AHEK08AC model, have a reputation for being effective, they can also experience technical issues.

So, for instance, if you have found that your GE window air conditioner is just not getting cold or cooling your space effectively, there are various internal and external factors that can be examined to determine the problem.

The fact that your window air conditioner is not getting cold is most likely being caused by the fact that the air filters or coils are dirty and need to be cleaned.

The air filters in your window air conditioner are designed to prevent dirt, dust, lint, hair, and other particles in the air of your room that get sucked into your air conditioner from moving to other components of the air conditioner and causing operational problems.

However, if too much dirt gets trapped, this can prevent proper airflow, which can cause your air conditioner to not get cold. The coils can also freeze if the temperature is too cold, and this will make your air conditioner ineffective.

Other issues that may be causing this include faulty installation or settings, and external factors, such as the ambient temperature of your space.

Why the air filters or coils may be the issue

Having a dirty or clogged air filter, as explained above, could be blocking the airflow into your window air conditioning unit.

Since air conditioners work by extracting hot air from the space and then running this air over the condenser coils with refrigerant to absorb the heat, your air conditioner will not be able to cool down air if it cannot draw in air to begin with.

This filter can be cleaned using lukewarm water and a soft brush.

The condenser coils can also get dirty over time, which could impede proper cooling, but a more common issue, especially when the temperature outside is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, is when the coils have frozen, and the AC cannot work properly.

In this case, it is best to let the coils thaw and put a cover over the unit to prevent further freezing, but this means that you will not be able to use the air conditioner until it is warmer again.

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Why faulty installation and settings may be the issue

In terms of installation, it is important to ensure that your GE window air conditioner has the right cooling capacity for the room that you are using it in, as the air conditioner will struggle to keep a room cool that is too large.

It is also important that you ensure that there are no curtains or furnishings blocking the unit, as this will have the same effect as a dirty air filter, and the unit will not be able to take in warm air to cool down.

Moreover, you should make sure that your GE window air conditioner is set to the right mode and temperature in order to cool down your space effectively.

Why the ambient temperature may be the issue

The ambient temperature of your space and the weather outside may also be the reason why your GE window air conditioner is not getting cold. As explained above, if the temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, your coils may start to freeze.

Alternatively, if your room is very warm, it may take longer than usual for your air conditioner to cool the space. You can monitor your room temperature with a home thermostat to determine whether this is the issue or not.

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