What to do when your portable air conditioner hose falls off

What to do if your portable air conditioner hose falls off, what could be causing it to become disconnected, and how to properly and securely connect the hose.

Do you have a portable air conditioner (AC) that you have recently installed but it seems the exhaust hose keeps falling out?

There could be a few reasons as to why the hose does not seem to want to stay in place, and it is crucial that you look into this to determine what it is that you need to do to ensure that it does not keep happening.

Research how to properly install the exhaust hose to prevent it from falling off.

How to connect the exhaust hose of a portable air conditioner

Before you are able to connect the actual exhaust hose, you will first have to prepare the window you are going to be venting your portable unit from.

To do this, you need to install the adjustable window kit by placing it in a way that will be suited to the design of your window.

So, if your window has an up-down operation, you will need to place the kit at the bottom and extend it, so it takes up the entire width of the opening.

However, if your window slides, you would place the kit on the side to take up the height of the window.

When the window kit has been fitted securely there should be no air leakage or sunlight entering, you can use this leak proof butyl duct tape for this process. Now you would follow with connecting the hose vent or exhaust hose.

To do this you will need to first connect the vent hose at the back of the AC unit, but be sure to check that there is a connector already there and install it first if not.

At the end of the hose, you would need to connect the window exhaust connector which is generally included in the window vent kit, like in this Angooni portable AC window kit for universal exhaust hoses with 2-in-1 couplers.

Make the hose longer until you connect the connector to window slider kit and ensure that it is securely intact.

What could be the possible reasons for your hose falling off?

If you find that your exhaust hose seems to keep falling off, you would need to inspect it to see if it is securely attached to the air conditioning unit connector and to the window slide connector. If it is not secure on either end, the hose will fall.

Another reason for your air conditioner hose falling off could be because it does not seem to be the correct size for either the unit connector or the window slide connector.

For this to have happened, you might have bought a hose that is not the right size to fit in the unit or the window slide connector in the event that you may have needed a replacement.

Making your exhaust hose longer for whatever reason you might have thought appropriate can also cause your hose to keep falling, as the longer the hose, the heavier it might be to hold securely.

Portable air conditioner exhaust hoses are supposed to be short in length, and it is not recommended that you extend it. Although, for those who do, this could be the reason your hose keeps falling and staying in place.

So make sure you get an exhaust hose appropriate for your type of AC. You may check your manual to find out the specific size you need for your model.

What can you do if the hose keeps falling?

If the hose is struggling to stay connected in place, the best thing to do would be to inspect if it is tightly secured and locked in place at both connectors on the unit and on the sliding window connector.

However, if this is not the case, then you will have to find a way to secure the connections to prevent the hose from falling all the time.

If the hose is not the right size, you will need to consult the user manual to check for the correct measurements of a replacement hose to ensure you get the correct one, and it fits perfectly without any potential of falling off anymore.

It is possible that your exhaust hose might be slightly twisted and not straight, hence it can fall. It is important to keep the hose as straight as possible to ensure it does not twist to the point that it disconnects.

If you have chosen to extend your hose to make it longer, and this has caused it to keep falling, you might have to reconsider the extension as it is disrupting the unit from functioning properly and is likely to heavy for the connectors to hold up.

If you have extended the hose beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations, consider reducing it back to the recommended size. This ensures proper functioning and prevents the hose from disconnecting.

Make sure to regularly inspect the hose for any signs of damage, wear, or tear. If there are any damages, then you may need to replace your exhaust hose.

Consider investing in this Kxuhivc portable air conditioner windows vent kit, as it is easy to install it yourself and it comes with exhaust hose, exhaust hose adaptor, fixing outer plates, adjustable inner plates, screws and sealing tapes.

However, make sure to double check the size of all the components.

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