Where is the model number located on Frigidaire air conditioners?

There are various places on both window and central air conditioners that you can look to find your Frigidaire unit’s model number.

Frigidaire air conditioners range from simplistic, but effective, to high-end and modern, which makes the brand a versatile choice.

However, once you have purchased a Frigidaire air conditioner, it is important that you know where the model number of your air conditioner is located, in case you ever need it or need information from it.

Is Frigidaire a good air conditioner brand?

Frigidaire is one of the top HVAC companies in the United States. The brand has a limited catalogue of products compared to other similar brands, but it is well-known for producing simple yet efficient air conditioner models that build on the success of the models that came before them.

Some of the Frigidaire air conditioners like the Frigidaire FFRE0833S1 8 000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner, have simplistic features, but still have high customer ratings, because they are effective and easy to understand and use.

Other models, like the Frigidaire GHWQ083WC1 Inverter Quiet Temp Smart Room Air Conditioner 8 000 BTU have a sleek design and many technologically advanced, modern features, like Wi-Fi compatibility and auto-swing louvre settings, which makes the brand well-rounded.

Brand Type Size Model
Frigidaire Window-Mounted AC 8,000 BTU FFRE0833S1
Frigidaire Room AC 8,000 BTU GHWQ123WC1

Where is the model number located on Frigidaire air conditioners?

Even though the brand’s product range is not the largest, it can still be difficult to narrow down which Frigidaire air conditioner model you have by simply looking at pictures of the range of models.

It is also worth noting that the model numbers in owners’ manuals are not always correct or complete and that when you need your model number so that you can purchase replacement parts, it is imperative that you get your model number exactly right to avoid buying parts that are not compatible.

This is why it is important to know where the model number of your specific Frigidaire air conditioner is located on the physical unit itself, so that you can check it when you need to.

With regard to Frigidaire window and central air conditioners, the locations of the model numbers are usually as follows:

Type of Frigidaire air conditioner Possible locations of the model number
Window air conditioner
  • On the side of the unit
  • In the exhaust port
  • Behind the front panel
  • Behind the filter
Central air conditioner
  • On the side of the outside unit

The model number is usually printed on a manufacturer label and you may need a wrench to unscrew some bolts in the unit to get to it. This model number can also give you important information about the production of your air conditioner.

Where the model number is located on Frigidaire window air conditioners

The model number may be in varying positions for different models of Frigidaire window air conditioners. However, there is a high likelihood that the model number is in one of the following places:

Possible location of the model number How to find it
On the side of the unit The first place to look for the model number of your unit is to inspect the sides of the unit itself for the manufacturer label
In the exhaust port In order to find the model number label, you need to remove the front panel of the unit and look in the cold air exhaust port at the top of the unit
Behind the front panel The number may be behind the front panel or grill on the frame that encases the unit’s components
Behind the filter The model number may also be visible when you remove the air filter

Where the model number is located on Frigidaire central air conditioners

The best place to look for the model number of your central air conditioner is on the outside, condensing unit.

When you are looking for your model number on this type of unit, it is important that you switch the unit off first, by turning it off at the breaker switch and removing the power plug for the outside unit.

The model number is usually on the side of the unit near the run capacitor or the other electronic components of the AC.

What can your model number tell you?

Once you have your Frigidaire air conditioner model number written down, you will be able to tell the date that the unit was manufactured, such as the year, week and day of the week that the unit was produced.

This is the first 10 numbers of your model number. The model number will also reveal the location of the plant where the air conditioning unit was manufactured.

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