Which brand of air conditioner is the best in Singapore?

Which brands of air conditioners are considered to be the best for the hot climate of Singapore, and the important factors to take into consideration before choosing one. 

Singapore is regarded as one of the most hot and humid places. These conditions persist all year round, so ensuring that living is as comfortable as it can be, investing in an excellent air conditioner is always a good idea.

There are a variety of air conditioner brands considered to be the best in Singapore, but it is also important to note how to best compare your options and not just resort to what is best only to find that it is not particularly suited to your specific needs and affordability.

Which brands of air conditioners are considered to be the best in Singapore?

The top three brands of air conditioners considered to be the best in Singapore include:

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon System 4

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This one is rated as the top brand and the best air conditioning unit in Singapore. It is a multi-split unit with the ability to cover four indoor units with a silent operation ranging from 19 – 45 dBs.

The unit comes with an energy-saving mode to provide optimal capacity for each room.

The air conditioner features advanced inverter technology with a cleaning system that ensures removal of bacteria, germs and bad odours, making for good and healthy air.



Daikin Multi-Split Series Aircon System 4

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The Daikin Multi-Split Series Aircon System 4 is rated the second-best air conditioner in Singapore.

It allows for you to set customised temperature levels for each room without needing any ductwork, offering the convenience of modifying performance and an efficient installation process.

It is also noted to have a highly functional system with the ability to manage humidity at any temperature, even without the use of a water tank. In order to save energy, you can rely on its enhanced heat pump feature.

The unit also comes with inverter technology to keep temperature consistent, prevent waste and lower the energy consumption.



EuropAce EAC397 Casement Aircon

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The EuropAce EAC397 Casement Aircon is rated the third-best air conditioning system in Singapore.

This unit, however, is a portable one featuring exceptional multi-functionality.

It offers you an air conditioner, a fan, a dehumidifier, as well as an air purifier.

The unit also provides what is considered to be a powerful cooling capacity of 8 000 BTU, which is suitable for your small to medium-sized spaces.

The lower energy consumption and faster operation can be attributed to the built-in copper coils and aluminium. This ac model also has a drain less system.



What to consider when buying an air conditioner in Singapore or anywhere else?

Some things to take into consideration when thinking of investing in an air conditioner include how much it will cost you to install the unit. It is important to note that this will be made up of the base unit cost as well as the installation cost.

There will be a need to hire an aircon installation specialist to come do the job for you, and these costs will vary from company to company. Inquiring about this beforehand is an important factor.

Look into the energy efficiency of the types of air conditioners you are interested in and compare them in order to find your best fit.

In Singapore particularly, the energy efficiency of all appliances is measured by a five-tick system, in which five ticks mean that an appliance is highly energy efficient. If you are able to afford an air conditioner with a high ranking, it could work in your favour.

It is crucial to be able to depend on your air conditioner to be reliable and to have the best suited performance features for you. Some units have multiple features that allow for flexible user experience. Warranty periods are also vital to consider, the longer the warranty period, the better.

What are the types of air conditioners available to choose from for your air conditioning needs?

When it comes to choosing the type of air conditioner best suited to you and your needs, you have a choice between a window air conditioner, a split air conditioner, a central air conditioner and a portable unit.

Each is installed in their own specific way, range in costs and work to deliver varied functions and abilities in air cooling. The portable air conditioner is mobile compared to the other types, and can be moved anywhere it is needed at the time.

Therefore, the options are wide when it comes to satisfying your cooling needs in the hot and humid climate of Singapore. Ensure that whatever you may be after in air cooling will be tailored to you.

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