Which is most efficient: Window or wall air conditioners?

Purchasing an air conditioner means looking for a unit that offers you efficiency, and window and wall AC units do exactly that.

Air conditioners offer users relief from the unbearable heat  of the summer and having one in your home means your indoor environment is much cooler than the outdoors. This makes your home more comfortable and less comfortable for everyone in it.

For those who are contemplating which air conditioner will work best for them between a window and wall air conditioning unit, looking at the efficiency of each one will help.

So which AC unit is the most efficient when you compare window and wall air conditioners?

Efficiency of window and wall air conditioners

If you are in the market to purchase an air conditioner and you need to decide between a window and wall unit, look for a quality air conditioner that is going to offer you  the best reliability and efficiency in terms of delivering effective cooling for your home.

Efficiency is the most important factor to look for in either unit, so knowing which is the most efficient between the two is beneficial.

Which is most efficient: Window or wall air conditioners?

Air conditioner efficiency is one of the most important factors to consider in ensuring that you can rely on your unit. Deciding between window and wall units can be challenging since they are quite similar physically.

However, they are quite different in how efficient they are. Not all air conditioners are built the same and some units are better than others in certain regards such as efficiency.

The obvious difference between window and wall units is that window units are installed in a window, while wall units are installed through-the-wall.

The different installation methods provide a difference in the way the units work. While both types of air conditioners achieve the same thing, which is cool down a space.

One is more efficient  than the other, and this is the wall air conditioner. Window units are considered less efficient because of how they are installed.

It might be easier to install a window AC unit, but this also makes it less efficient since cold is more likely to escape through-the-window.

Wall air conditioners, on the other hand, are installed through-the-wall and do not have any poor insulation  that could cause cold air to escape through air leaks. While wall units are more efficient, they are more complex to install.

Which is better for long-term and short-term solutions?

Depending on whether you are looking for a more long-term or short-term solution,  each of these units are better for each solution.

For a long-term cooling solution, a through-the-wall unit works best as its installation is more permanent and involves cutting a hole into a wall and sealing it.

A window AC unit is a more short-term solution. Window units can be removed easily at a later stage, if necessary.

The benefit of wall AC installation

As previously mentioned, wall units are more efficient since they are installed in a wall. This  is beneficial  because they have better insulation than window units.

Since wall units are a more permanent solution, they are surrounded by heavy-duty weatherproofing and insulation materials.  With window units there is only so much insulation and weatherproofing you can do.

With wall units you have a greater guarantee that there will be no air leaks as a result of the effectiveness of the sealing. This makes  wall units more efficient per watt or BTU than window units.

Which unit is more affordable?

Having established that wall units are more  efficient than window units, the big question for shoppers is, ‘which one is most affordable?’

Wall units are a bit more costly than window air conditioners because installation costs are involved. Since wall units offer a more permanent solution, you are likely to find higher-powered units than you would with window options.

Amazon offers potential buyers a variety of options to choose from for both types of units.

Window or Wall AC unit Description Amazon price
Tosot window AC
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  • 10 000 BTU capable of cooling rooms of up to 450 square feet.
  • Energy-star rated.
  • Cooling, fan, and dehumidifying modes.
Frigidaire window AC
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  • 8 000 BTU cooling capacity.
  • Easy installation with slide-out chassis.
  • Sleep and Eco modes
LG through-the-wall AC
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  • 10 000 BTU for cooling rooms of up to 450 square feet.
  • Cooling and heating modes.
  • Heats  up to 550 square feet.
Friedrich through-the-wall and window AC
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  • Both through-the-wall and window installation.
  • 12 000 BTU capable of cooling rooms of 450 to 550 square feet.
  • Energy-star rated.

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