Which LG portable air conditioner is the best?

The best LG portable air conditioner will depend on which specifications and features you are looking for, as well as the size of your space.

Portable air conditioners are worth it if you do not have the budget for a larger system and cannot install a window air conditioner.

LG is one of the most popular air conditioner brands in the world, and they have a wide range of portable air conditioners. Within this range, the LP1419IVSM, LP0821GSSM, and LP1021BHSM portable air conditioner models stand out as the best choices.

Are portable air conditioners worth the money?

Portable air conditioners are a modern alternative to central air conditioners or HVAC systems. Portable air conditioners are usually more affordable than these larger systems, but they will only be able to cool one room at a time.

In terms of room-sized units, portable air conditioners can be well worth their price if you have a space with difficult windows or no windows, like a basement, as portable air conditioners are quite compact and flexible and only need to be vented instead of being fully installed in a window.

Which LG portable air conditioner is the best?

Since portable air conditioners can be such a good choice for many spaces, they have become some of the best-selling models for many of the leading air conditioner brands.

As a result, it can be quite challenging to find the best AC out of all of these options when you want to purchase a portable air conditioner.

LG, as a brand, is known for creating some of the most innovative technologies for their air conditioners. This has made LG one of the world’s leading air conditioner brands.

Consumers who have purchased air conditioners from LG in the past are impressed by the brand’s customer service, warranties, and wide variety of products. This means that LG is a good brand to consider when you want to purchase a portable air conditioner.

However, even if you have the brand narrowed down, there are still many different models of portable air conditioners to choose from, which can make it difficult to find the best one.

Some of the portable air conditioner models from LG that have really stood out in this crowded market, in terms of value for money and performance, are the following:

LG portable air conditioner model Price Specificcations Available on Amazon
LP1419IVSM From $699.00 to $799.00
  • 10000 BTU (U.S. DOE)
  • 500 square feet of cooling area
  • Energy Saving Inverter Technology and LG ThinQ Technology
LP0821GSSM From $456.99 to $469.00
  • 8000 BTU (U.S. DOE)
  • 350 square feet of cooling area
  • LG ThinQ Technology
LP1021BHSM From $625.00 to $649.00
  • 10000 BTU (U.S. DOE)
  • 450 square feet of cooling area
  • LG ThinQ Technology

However, to truly know which model will be best for your space, it can be helpful to carefully consider each one and its features and specifications individually.

The LG LP1419IVSM portable air conditioner

The LP1419IVSM portable air conditioning model currently has a high customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 from over 900 customer reviews on Amazon, and for good reason.

What makes this model one of the best choices on the market is its Dual Inverter Compressor technology, which makes it incredibly energy-efficient.

This unit uses up to 40 percent less energy than other, similar models and it is quiet, at only 44 to 53 decibels during operation.

It also has many of the same features as the other models on this list, such as easy installation and storage features, 3-in-1 operation, and the LG ThinQ technology, which allows you to control the air conditioner from your phone or smart speakers, with Google assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility.

These items are available for purchase on Amazon 

The LG LP0821GSSM portable air conditioner

The LG LP0821GSSM portable air conditioner stands out because of its various SMART and voice-controlled features, as well as its versatility in cooling functions.

This air conditioner is not as quiet as the previous model, but is still relatively quiet for an indoor air conditioner at between 52 and 59 decibels.

The 3-in-1 functionality of this air conditioner, which utilises three fan modes, a dehumidifier function of up to 3.23 pints per hour, and a dry airflow (CFM) of 275 makes this portable air conditioner incredibly versatile and practical for most spaces.

LG LP0821GSSM portable AC on Amazon

The LG LP1021BHSM portable air conditioner

The LG LP1021BHSM portable air conditioner is similar to the previous LP0821GSSM model, but is slightly more powerful and it is a better option for if you have a larger space.

This air conditioner model adds a heating function to the other dehumidifier (3.4 pints per hour), dry (CFM of 310) and two fan functions mentioned above. It is also noisier, at 50 to 53 decibels.

LG LP1021BHSM portable AC on Amazon

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