Which space heater produces the most heat?

A closer look at the propane space heater as it produces the most heat, and the affordability of maintaining propane heaters.


The change of seasons from hot to colder temperatures means that people will be trying to keep warm. In doing so, investing in a good heating appliance for one’s home becomes the main objective.

Heaters are often what people will consider purchasing for their homes in an effort to get through the winter and maintain warm temperatures in their homes. A good heating appliance to consider is a space heater, because it produces the most heat in cold conditions.

The hottest space heaters

There are a variety of space heaters available for purchase depending on the type and size of space you are looking to warm up. Some space heaters can be used both indoors and outdoors, for heating spaces like patios.

Different space heaters have different heating capabilities, so it is key to look for the best heater for your type of space and not to settle for anything. When looking for a heater for big spaces, one may wonder which heater produces more heat.

Which space heater produces the most heat?

Whether it is out of curiosity or you are perhaps looking for a space heater for a large space, you will need to know which space heater produces the most heat.

As previously mentioned, space heaters have different heating capabilities ranging from heating small spaces to much bigger spaces, as well as heating the air in the room or heating objects, and yourself.

It all ultimately depends on the type of heater and how its system works. In this case, if you are looking for a space heater most capable of producing heat, you need to set your sights on a propane heater.

Propane space heaters are known to produce the fiercest heat, which is why you will find them used more outdoors than indoors.

You can find a wide selection of propane space heaters on Amazon, some of which we have listed below.

Propane Heater Brand Description Amazon Price

Mr Heater

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·  4 000-9 000 BTU heating capacity for indoor use

·  Nearly 100 percent efficient with clean burning



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·  20 000 BTU providing extra heat for indoor use

·  Equipped with an auto shut-off for safety purposes


Amazon Basics

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·  Powerful 46 000 BTU with adjustable temperature

·  Best for warming outdoor spaces like patios


Campy Gear

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·  2-in-1 propane heater and stove for cooking

·  Fast heating with a 9 000 BTU


Is a propane heater affordable to maintain?

A possible concern for anyone looking to invest in a propane heater will be whether they can actually afford to maintain it once they have it.

The answer is that a propane space heater can be affordable to maintain, as it does not run on electricity, but on liquid propane for fuel.

This means you can stress less about any increases to your electricity bills. Propane heaters are also generally cheap to buy and operate, as you will only need to have fuel ready, which you can buy to last.

Types of propane space heaters

There are two types of propane heaters. Some are vented, which makes them safe to use for warming your indoor spaces. There are also unvented heaters, which are better used outdoors.

It is strongly advised that you never use the unvented propane heaters indoors, as they can pose serious health risks.

Unvented propane heaters reduce the levels of oxygen in the room and emit harmful carbon dioxide and other gases in closed-off, indoor spaces. This can be dangerous for people in the room, as inhaling these gases also pose a big danger.

What to look for in an indoor propane heater

If you are purchasing a propane heater for indoor use, there are important aspects to look for to ensure it is good for your space and safe to use.

You should choose a propane heater that will be the right size for your room and that possibly carries the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) label.

You should also look for features in the unit such as a low oxygen sensor, high temperature coated safety guard, overheat protection, as well as the automatic shut-off feature if the heater falls over.

Final thoughts

The cold winter season calls for one to keep as warm as possible and that often means investing in good quality heating appliances for your home and space. Space heaters are the go-to option for keeping your spaces warm, both indoors and outdoors.

When looking for the right space heater to cater to your needs, how much heat a space heater produces is something you want to look for. Propane heaters are known to produce the most heat and can be used efficiently with indoor-safe and outdoor-safe propane units available.

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