Why won’t the air conditioner turn on?

Exploring the reasons why your air conditioning unit could possibly not be turning on, as well as what to do in the event that this happens.

In the event that you find your air conditioner is not working, you may need to look into the possible reasons why. There are a variety of answers to this and the main one being that something is definitely wrong. This can be a major inconvenience, especially if it is was not anticipated on a significantly hot and humid day.

Before calling a repair service, you may want to conduct an investigation of your own where possible first. This could save you money, especially if it is a problem you can fix yourself.

What are some of the causes of an air conditioner not turning on?

One of the reasons your air conditioner could be refusing to turn on, may be due to its thermostat malfunctioning. It is possible you may need to turn off, and take off the cover in order to check its components. Look for any debris or corrosive build up. Try and find if there are any blown fuses, as they can sometimes be to blame.

An example of a more modern thermostat is the Honeywell Programmable Touchscreen thermostat. Another indicator of an air conditioner not turning on could be because your unit may be low on refrigerant due to a possible leakage.

Clogged air filters could also be the main culprit for your air conditioner not working properly. This will be because the air filters of your air conditioner could be clogged up with dirt. Ensuring to check and clean your air filters will help to avoid this issue. Air filters are important as they ensure proper air circulation. Air filters can be found on Amazon.

An example of one is the Frigidaire 5304525620 Air Conditioner. Capacitor failure is another reason for an air conditioner to stop working. This is a fundamental part of your HVAC system and is connected to the motor’s circuit giving the motor the push it needs to start running.

What to do if your air conditioner will not turn on

One of the first things you should do if your air conditioner does not turn on is to check if a fuse has blown or if the breaker has tripped. It is key to check the thermostat before considering calling an air conditioner professional for repair. Make sure that your thermostat is set to cool.

You should also check your breakers on your electrical panel or your disconnect box. If a circuit breaker has tripped, it is wise to turn it off and back on again. If your air conditioner keeps tripping the circuit breaker or blowing fuses, a professional may need to be called as the situation could be serious.

In some cases, you may find that all you need to do is reset your air conditioner. Some air conditioners come standard with a reset button while others do not. Should it come with a reset button, all you would have to do is press the switch, should it not have one, turn off your unit at the thermostat, wait five minutes and then turn it on again.

What are electronic control boards or PCB assemblies, and what do they mean for an air conditioner that is not turning on?

If you find that an air conditioner is not turning on, but you have ascertained that the unit is indeed getting power, then it is possible that you may have a defective control board.

Most modern window air conditioners are known to use an electronic control board, also known as a PCB, which is known to control individual components of the air conditioning unit. In the event that the fan or compressor are not turning on, this could be indicative of a control board that it defective.

It is vital that you always check the user manual for proper operation, and to verify if your unit is getting any power before condemning the control board as the culprit.

So, should you find yourself in a situation where your air conditioner is failing to turn on, before calling a specialist or technician to come and check your unit for what is wrong, it can help to know how to identify these problems on your own and ways in which to do that. This can result in you managing to save yourself some pocket change from seeking services of a professional.

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