Why won’t the reset button work on my window air conditioner?

There are various possible reasons why the reset button on your window air conditioner may not be working, including a disconnected or damaged power cord.

There are many things to consider before you can buy a window air conditioner that is the right fit for you and your unique space, including the addition of advanced features.

However, most modern window air conditioners include many customer-focused features, like a reset button which you can use to clear error messages and fix operational issues.

In the case that this button is not working, there are various reasons why this issue could be happening and solutions to this problem.

Things to consider about window air conditioners

Installing a window air conditioner in your room is a good way to avoid soaring summer temperatures if you do not want to or cannot install an entire HVAC or central air system in your home.

Window air conditioners have evolved over the past few years to be much more energy-efficient and specialised.

As a result, there are many more factors, such as your window size, your room size, the storage for the unit, and the advanced technologies that you prefer, to take into account before you purchase a window air conditioner.

Why won’t the reset button work on my window air conditioner?

One of the features included in many newer air conditioner models is a reset button, which can help you clear error messages and operational issues. This button activates a manual reset of your window air conditioner.

Resetting your window air conditioner is often the easiest way to clear up operational issues that may occur, yourself, without having to hire a professional to come and examine your air conditioner.

In most cases, the reset button of a window air conditioning unit is located on its power cord, like for this LG 10,000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner, which has a “Test” and a “Reset” button.

In this case, there are various reasons why this button may not be working, such as:

  • The power supply to the cord may be interrupted
  • The cord may be damaged

In this case, checking the power supply and possibly even replacing the power cord to your air conditioning unit can help you resolve this issue.

In the meantime, you can also reset your window air conditioner by shutting down power supply to the unit.

Checking the power supply to your power cord

The first thing to do if the reset button on the power cord to your window air conditioner is not working, is to check that the cord’s power supply is not interrupted. In order to do this, you first need to ensure that the cord is plugged in properly.

In some cases, your window air conditioner may have a small LED light above the reset button, which will indicate that the cord is plugged in and working.

If this light is not on, but the cord is plugged in, you should make sure that the outlet and circuit breakers are working.

Damaged window air conditioner power cords

If you have ensured that you circuit breakers and outlet are on and working and that the power cord is plugged in properly, and the reset button is still not working, this indicates that the power cord to your unit is damaged.

Additionally, it also indicates that the window air conditioner is not registering that the reset button has been pushed.

In this case, you should purchase a replacement cord, like this Power Cord Plug for Air Conditioner for $25.99.

This replacement cord has a “Reset” and a “Test” button and it also has an LED indicator to replace the damaged cord.

This Baomain Window Air Conditioner LCDI Power Cord costs $25.89 and also includes a “Reset” and “Test” button, but it does not have an LED indicator light.

Why won't the reset button work on my window air conditioner? Why won't the reset button work on my window air conditioner?
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How to reset an air conditioner if the reset button is not working

If the reset button on your power cord is not working, or continuously tripping the breaker when you press it, you can reset the air conditioner by turning it off using the following steps:

  • Step 1: Switch your air conditioner off by pressing the power button on the control panel or unplugging it from the outlet
  • Step 2: Turn off the breaker switch to your air conditioner for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Step 3: Turn the breaker switch back on and go back to your window unit
  • Step 4: Make sure that your window air conditioner is plugged in and turn it on

If the above-mentioned steps do not resolve your issues, you need to contact a professional technician to consult.

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