Why would a portable air conditioner stop working?

A portable air conditioner can experience issues whereby it does not work as it should or used to; some are easy to diagnose, while others need professional intervention.


You invest in an air conditioner for it to keep you cooler or warmer, depending on the season you are in and the climate where you live. Air conditioners have become more versatile for the different needs and functions they provide for homes and the people using them.

Portable air conditioners are an example of how handy and adaptable air conditioning units are for varying types of spaces. These units are mobile and can be smaller in size to move between rooms depending on where you need them. But what happens if your portable unit stops working?

Can portable air conditioners suddenly stop working?

The last thing you will want is for your air conditioner to stop working all of a sudden. This can be the greatest inconvenience and concern.

Unfortunately, though, these things happen, and it is important to understand why. If you are an air conditioner owner, you should know the extent of the issues you might be dealing with so that you have an idea how to fix it.

Why would a portable air conditioner stop working?

Fortunately, the sudden crashing of a portable air conditioner is not new and is therefore not unfamiliar. It can also be a relatively easy issue to fix.

Your portable air conditioner might not want to turn on or it can suddenly stop working out of nowhere. In the event that your unit refuses to turn on, you may be dealing with a lack of power.

If other appliances and lights are working, then the specific power outlet used by the AC unit may be faulty or there may be a blown internal fuse in the unit.

If the portable unit is working and then suddenly shuts off, it may mean that the timer was activated to turn off after a certain period of time.

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Fixing your portable air conditioner

However, if you already have a unit and it is refusing to start and work, checking the power outlet that the unit is plugged into as your first step may help.

In this process of elimination, you are checking to see if the socket has power, if the cord is damaged, and if the circuit-breaker is functioning properly.

You may also need to reset the circuit or use another power outlet to see if the unit will start, this way you will know if they are the problem.

In the case that there is a blown fuse, consult the manual to see if you can locate the fuses or, if you want a professional to handle the issue, call in a professional of fuses.

Is it possible for the unit to not stop running?

In some cases, the opposite can happen with portable air conditioners where, instead of stopping suddenly, they continue to run and do not switch off even when the room has reached the optimal temperature. This can be the result of an issue with the control board or the sensor.

Modern air conditioners use electronic controls to turn on the components in your air conditioner and the control board uses relays to send power to the compressor and fan.

When the control board malfunctions, it can cause the unit to stay on even when you try to switch it off manually.

What to do in the case that the portable AC no longer cools

You may notice that your portable air conditioner is no longer cooling at all and deduce that the unit has stopped working. In this case, it could be that the unit has not necessarily stopped working, but rather that the air filter is clogged up and dirty.

When the filter is in bad condition, it will block the flow of air through the filter to the evaporator coils and the coils may freeze up, restricting the flow of air to cool the room. Checking the filter and cleaning it, if necessary, will solve this problem.

Final thoughts

Air conditioning units need to be looked after and frequently monitored to ensure they are working as they should. Air conditioners require care and attention in case of anything malfunctioning in terms of their ability to cool or /heat.

Portable air conditioners sometimes experience moments where they stop working due to certain issues, but when you diagnose the problem, you should not have a problem getting your unit up and running again.

In more serious cases that involve electrical problems and blown fuses, getting professional help is advisable.

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