Why your air conditioner sounds like a jet engine

Looking at the different sounds your AC makes, how a jet engine sound could potentially mean danger for your unit, and those that are not posing threats.

Do you have an air conditioner that has started to sound like a jet engine? Then this could be an indication of something being wrong, as an air conditioner should not necessarily be producing strange sounds that are out of the ordinary.

It is however, important to note that air conditioners can be tricky in the sense that certain sounds can be deemed as normal or expected, whilst some can particularly mean danger for the unit.

Being able to distinguish between the two will mean that you will have a better sense of what is happening with your air conditioner, and help you to come up with the best solutions and knowing when to call a professional to attend to the problem.

What are some of the normal sounds an air conditioner will make?

As said before, it is normal for your air conditioner to make certain sounds as these are not particularly sounds that are hazardous and pose any threat.

These sounds are simply deemed as normal for any air conditioning unit to make and are not cause for concern.

Normal air conditioner noises will include the sound of humming. Typically, when you switch on an air conditioner, you will find that it will make a humming sound that will sound a bit like an engine switching on, getting ready to launch.

There is also the sound of blowing. When an air conditioner has been set to run, it will produce a blowing sound.

Since the function of an air conditioner is to emit cooling air into the space it is running, it will be blowing this air into the atmosphere, hence you will hear the sound of blowing.

When an air conditioning unit is running, it will make a soft blowing noise as the airflow travels through the ducts and the vents of the unit.

A blowing sound simply means that your unit is working properly, as long as you are feeling cool at the same time and the blowing sound is not an uncomfortable one, or one that sounds problematic.

Your air conditioner can also make a clicking noise, and this can happen after the unit has been switched off and the cooling process is settling down. The unit will most likely click as the unit is trying to stop completely.

What are some of the dangerous sounds an air conditioner makes, similar to an airplane taking off and a jet engine?

There are going to be some sounds that your air conditioner will make that will not be good for you or your unit. These sounds can be particularly dangerous if they are as bad as they might seem.

If your air conditioning unit is making a buzzing sound, this is considered as bad.

The cause of this could be that the motor is not functioning as effortlessly as it needs to be, meaning that there might be a build-up of debris in the unit or the blade of the fan could potentially be loose.

A buzzing sound can also be an indication of the condenser coil being filthy and at worse, you could potentially have an electrical issue.

If your air conditioner is making a banging sound, this is a sound you should definitely be worried about.

If there is banging taking place, this can mean that a certain component of the air conditioner might have moved out of place or something may have become a bit loose.

The culprits could be a screw or springs that need to be secured tightly again. In this case, you will need to switch off your unit to avoid any unnecessary further damage or potential damage or even contact a professional to look into the matter.

If your air conditioner is making a gurgling or bubbling sound, this is also considered as dangerous. Bubbling might indicate that there is a refrigerant leak that can lead to cooling problems that need to be attended to.

A hissing sound of a unit is indication of a possible refrigerant leak too or a malfunctioning compressor, both of which are serious problems for your unit.

Why it is best to attend to serious sounds earlier rather than later?

It is best to attend to sounds deemed as dangerous that are coming from your air conditioner.

This is because the sooner the issue is addressed, the less likely damage can be done, meaning you will not have to spend unnecessary amounts of money fixing something that could have saved you if attended earlier.

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