Will a 2 000-watt generator run a window air conditioner?

A backup generator of 2 000 watts is a good power source for window air conditioners of up to 12 000 BTU’s.

All air conditioning systems need a power source to start up and function. Without the necessary power an air conditioner will not turn on or work.

Air conditioners need a certain number of watts of power to be able to start, but what happens in the case where power cannot be supplied?

A power generator could be a plan B in situations where power cannot be supplied for the air conditioner. Air conditioners typically use a lot of power, so having the right size generator in this case is crucial if you want to successfully run your air conditioner with it.

2 000-watt generators and window air conditioners

Presuming you have a window air conditioner that needs a generator power supply, the generator will have to be capable of providing the amount of watts the window unit needs to start up and run successfully.

Generators come in handy in cases where there is a power cut and they supply power to electrical appliances that need to be used during power cuts.

An air conditioner is one of these appliances, and even with some of their big capacities, it is still possible for generators to power them up.

So, can a 2 000-watt generator power up a window air conditioner?

Will a 2 000-watt generator run a window air conditioner?

Experiencing a power cut while you are enjoying pleasant cooling from your home air conditioner can be quite inconvenient, but fortunately for those who can afford the luxury of having a power generator on hand, this issue can easily be resolved, and your window air conditioner can be up and running in no time, providing you with a much cooler home with less humidity.

So, you have a 2 000-watt generator and a window air conditioner that needs to be powered up to work.

A 2 000-watt generator can easily power up window air conditioners, ranging from the smallest capacity of 5 000 BTUs to about 12 000 BTUs units, at the most.

Window air conditioners use between 417 and 1 800 watts of power to operate properly. As long as the window unit is not using more than 2 000 watts of electricity, the 2 000-watt generator should be able to power it up.

Starting watts vs running watts

It is also worth taking into account that window air conditioners do not use the same amount of watts to start up as they do to run. Generally, they need more watts to start up than they do to actually run.

The same principle applies with ACs that have different sizes, but exact wattages differ, due to their varying energy efficiency ratings.

AC sizes (BTU) Average start/run (watts)
5 000 BTU Start: 1 100 watts/ Run: 500 watts
8 000 BTU Start: 1 200 watts/ Run: 800 watts
10 000 BTU Start: 1 500 watts/ Run: 1 000 watts
12 000 BTU Start: 2 000 watts/ Run: 1 200 watts

Watts used to power 5 000 to 8 000 BTU window air conditioners

Since it is established that a 2 000-watt generator is capable of powering and running window air conditioners that are between 5 000 BTUs and 8 000 BTUs, it may be helpful to find out how much power that actually consumes. 5 000 to 8 000 BTU units use between 417 and 1 000 watts to run.

This is quite a comfortable range for a 2 000-watt generator to work with, so it is unlikely that the generator will struggle to run your window air conditioner efficiently if it falls between the 5 000 and 8 000 BTU size range.

Watts needed to power 9 000 to 12 000 BTU window AC units

Generally, window air conditioners of between 9 000 and 12 000 BTUs need between 750 and 1 500 watts of power supply to run. A 2 000-watt generator can comfortably operate window units of this size.

If you have a window air conditioner ranging between 5 000 BTU and 12 000 BTU, a 2 000-watt generator may be a worthwhile investment to consider, in case you ever have a need for a back-up power source to use your window air conditioner even when the power is out, especially if you cannot do without cooling in the situation.

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