Will a 6500 watt generator run central air?

A 6500 watt generator can run a central air conditioning unit if it requires less than 6500 watts to start and run.

It can be difficult to determine what the power and size of your generator should be if you are going to use it to power your appliances.

Fortunately for central air conditioners and other appliances, you can work backwards and take into account the starting wattage and other factors to determine whether a 6500 watt generator will have enough power to run it or not.

The size and power of generators

Generators are a common way for households to ensure that they can power their own appliances even when there is an interruption in power from the main grid.

However, as the popularity of household generators has increased, the number of different types, brands, models, and sizes of generators available on the market has also increased.

Since there is such a variety of generators to choose from, it is often best to start with what your requirements are, like the size of your home, the kind of fuel you use, the amount of watts needed, and more, and then to work backwards from there to find the generator that will be the most suitable fit for your household.

Will a 6500 watt generator run central air?

There is nothing wrong with running your air conditioner, and even larger, central air systems, with a generator, as long as the generator is the right size and power to handle the large power draw that air conditioners need to start up and operate.

Central air conditioners are among the appliances in any home that draw the most power, and these appliances draw even more power when they are first starting up.

Experts recommend that you choose a generator that has at least 10 percent more power than the maximum wattage of your air conditioner to compensate for the unit’s higher initial power draw.

It is difficult to give a definitive answer about whether your central air conditioner can be run on a 6500 watt generator or not, because the amount of power needed to run an air conditioner varies from model to model.

This is why it is important that you consider the running wattage and starting wattage of your specific central air conditioner.

There are also several factors that influence how much power your central air conditioner draws while it is running, and this can help you determine if a 6500 watt generator will have enough power to run your air conditioner safely.

If your central air conditioner uses less than 6500 watts to start and run, you can absolutely use a 6500 watt generator to run it safely and there are many different kinds of generators that you can choose from.

Considering the higher initial power draw of central air conditioners

If your central air conditioner was turned off and you power it back on again, the air conditioner will use more power when it starts, because it also needs to power up the fan motor and compressor of the air conditioner.

After this initial influx of power, your central air conditioner will run using less power, because the components will already be running at a steady pace.

Although the exact wattage needed for this initial start-up procedure will vary from model to model, and even from one day to the next for the same model, it is important that your generator can provide enough power for this higher initial draw, otherwise, your central air conditioner will not be able to start up.

If you take the 10 percent recommended allowance for this higher power draw into account, this means that if you want to run your central air conditioner on a 6500 watt generator, the maximum wattage of the air conditioner must be below 5900 watts.

Factors that may influence how much power your central air conditioner needs to run

Although manufacturers give a maximum wattage for each of their central air conditioning models, there are several factors that influence how many watts your central air conditioner actually uses to function.

These factors and their influence on the running wattage of your central air conditioner can be summarised as follows:

Factor Influence on central air conditioner running wattage
A larger space to cool Higher
Regular maintenance and repairs Lower
Lower energy efficiency ratings Higher
Older unit Higher

6500 watt generator options

If you have established that your central air conditioner can be run by a 6500 watt generator, you will have several models to choose from, including:

Generator Type Price Available on Amazon
Champion Power Equipment 100231 Dual fuel generator $1239.01
Generac GP6500E Portable Generator Gas-powered generator with electric start $999

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