Will an LG refrigerator work fine without the ice maker?

Your LG refrigerator will work just fine, even if the in-door ice maker, the “Craft” ice maker, or both have been turned off or removed.

Having an ice maker built into your fridge can be beneficial because these machines produce a lot of high-quality ice, quickly.

However, if you do not feel like these benefits are worth it, your LG refrigerator will still work fine without the ice maker, whether it is an in-door or “Craft” machine or not, you can just turn them off if you want to.

The benefits of having a built-in ice maker in your refrigerator

Having a built-in ice maker in your fridge or freezer will produce ice a lot quicker than refilling and freezing traditional ice trays would.

The ice maker in your fridge is also usually combined with a water dispenser and filtration systems, which means that you will have clearer and better-tasting ice cubes for your home and when you entertain guests.

Fridges with built-in ice makers are the ideal choice for large households that live in warm areas and that may need a large amount of ice and cold water daily. They are also a great option if you entertain regularly.

Will an LG refrigerator work fine without the ice maker?

LG is one of the refrigerator manufacturers that has realised how convenient these built-in ice makers can be for their customers.

The company even includes two different types of ice makers in some of their refrigerator models, for even more convenience and added elegance when you are entertaining guests.

This includes the ice maker that can be found in the door of the refrigerator, and it is a more traditional type of ice maker, and it produces a large amount of ice cubes that are easily accessible through the water dispenser in cubes and in a crushed variation.

The other “Craft Ice Maker” can be found at the top freezer portion of some LG refrigerators and makes perfectly round and stylish ice cubes for when you are entertaining.

This ice maker produces a smaller amount of ice, but its spheres are quite big, and they really make a statement.

However, if you do not use your ice maker or it is not working as it should, you can turn off the ice maker and your LG refrigerator will continue to work perfectly without it.

Some people even choose to remove the ice makers from their refrigerator completely to take advantage of the extra space, but if you do not do this, there are a few tips on how to empty the ice makers to ensure that they do not produce any strange odours while they are switched off.

How to turn off the in-door ice maker on the LG refrigerators

As your refrigerator should work just fine with the in-door ice maker turned off, LG makes this easy to do, and you just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open the refrigerator door and locate the ThinQ control panel inside your refrigerator
  • Step 2: Look through the options to locate the “Ice On/ Off” button
  • Step 3: Press and hold this button for at least three seconds

This will switch your in-door ice maker off until you need it again. Your refrigerator will still be on even though the ice maker has been turned off, and it will keep your food and beverages as cold as it did when the ice maker was on.

How to turn off the “Craft Ice Maker” on the LG refrigerators

The process to turn off the “Craft Ice Maker” on your LG refrigerator is similar to the process for turning off the in-door ice maker, but you need to cycle through the various operation modes of this ice maker first. The process can be explained as follows:

  • Step 1: Open the door of your LG refrigerator and locate the ThinQ control panel inside the door
  • Step 2: Locate the “Craft Ice” button on this panel
  • Step 3: Press this button to cycle through the “3 ICE” and “6 ICE” options until you land on the “OFF” option

Tips for if you decide to turn off the ice maker on your LG refrigerator

Although the process to turn off your ice maker is already quite simple and it will not affect the functionality of your refrigerator, there are a few things you can do to make this process go smoothly, such as:

  • Time the process correctly so that there is no new water in the freezer tray
  • Discard any ice left in the ice maker to avoid odours
  • Clean and dry the ice bucket to prevent the growth of mould and mildew

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