Window 5 000 BTU air conditioner

Looking at window air conditioners with a 5 000 BTU cooling capacity and their performance capabilities, as well as determining and understanding the BTU ratings of any air conditioner.

Should you be thinking of shopping around for a window air conditioner with a 5 000 BTU but have no idea whether it will do what you need it to do, it will be important for you to look into all the information you will need to determine whether it will be the right air conditioner for you.

Doing your research and comparing your options is the best route to go before deciding which air conditioning unit will be the best fit for you and your home.

There are a number of window air conditioners on the market with some of the best available on Amazon, but understanding all there is to know about their functioning capabilities should be a priority before picking your window air conditioner.

What are some of the options available on Amazon for window 5 000 BTU air conditioners?

Amazon has a range of different brands of window 5 000 BTU air conditioners on offer, all with great customer ratings, for you to choose from

Buy it on Amazon The Frigidaire 5 000 BTU window-mounted mini-compact air conditioner offers a 5 000 BTU with a 150 square feet cooling coverage. The unit allows you to control the temperature in large amounts with 1 465.36 W cooling power. You have better control over the air flow with the two fan speeds available, with mechanical rotary controls offering two cool speeds and two fan speeds allowing you to achieve climate control when necessary.
Buy it on Amazon The LG 5000 BTU window air conditioner offers you a low noise performance which sounds fantastic for any air conditioner owner looking to have a device that cools them down without the irritability of loud noise. This unit operates at sound levels as low as 50dB, getting rid of unnecessary noise. The unit will offer you multiple fan speeds allowing you to modify your cooling needs to your satisfaction. This air conditioner also comes with a two way air direction which directs cool air where you will need it to go.
Buy it on Amazon The Emerson Quiet Kool window air conditioner also comes with a 5000 BTU cooling capacity. The unit has quiet cooling being one of the quietest in the industry. This air conditioner comes with a programmable timer and sleep mode function. An integrated 24-hour timer can be set with intelligent sleep mode able to take over by adjusting the temperature and fan speed to keep you comfortable in the night time while saving you on energy and money.

Understanding the units of the cooling capacity of air conditioners

So, you are considering purchasing a 5000 BTU window air conditioner, but do not understand what the BTU stands for and what it means for the air conditioner. The cooling capacity of air conditioners is measured in what is called British Thermal Units (BTU) per hour.

One BTU is interpreted as the amount of heat it takes to be able to increase the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

Therefore, an air conditioner’s BTU rating basically gives you an idea of how much the unit is able to cool a room in one hour. A

ir conditioners with BTU ratings of 5 000 to 24 000 are usually units that can cool individual rooms at that rate per hour. So it is safe to say that the higher the BTU rating, the more rooms it will be able to cool.

So, should you consider buying a window air conditioner with 5 000 BTU, you can expect that it will only be able to cool much smaller spaces or one room specifically.

Knowing how much it will cost to run your 5 000 BTU window air conditioner

You would need to know the amperage rating, and in turn convert that number to wattage. The amperage of your air conditioner can be located at the bottom or inside the filter panel. Most 5 000 BTU units are rated around five amperes.

Then, calculate the wattage from the amperes by multiplying five-amp by volts there are in the outlet in order for you to calculate your kilowatt-hours.

You will then have to find out how much your kilowatt-hour amount is followed by how much it would cost to run your unit for 24 hours. Divide that by hours used in a day, multiply that by seven for a weekly cost, and so on for the month cost.

Therefore, before purchasing your 5 000 BTU window air conditioner, remember to take into consideration the cost of running it by making sure first that you understand the BTU rating.

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