AquaSense ice maker receiver blinking red

If the receiver light on your AquaSense ice maker is blinking red, you may need to work through a few troubleshooting solutions to find the cause and solution.

Ice makers are very convenient appliances, and they can make life easier for you when you are entertaining or if you just need ice.

However, if your AquaSense ice maker has a blinking red receiver light, this could indicate that there is a problem with the appliance and that it may not be functioning as it should.

What are the benefits of ice makers?

The main reason why an ice maker is so convenient is because it makes a large volume of ice automatically. This means that you do not have to constantly refill individual ice trays or risk running out of ice easily if you have an ice maker.

With an ice maker, you can enjoy a steady and reliable supply of ice, making it particularly advantageous for large gatherings or events where ice demand is high.

The ice that comes from an ice maker is also typically clearer and cleaner than manually made ice cubes, and can help you add a touch of luxury to your beverages.

Clear ice not only looks visually appealing but also melts more slowly, preventing dilution and preserving the flavor of your drinks. This is especially valuable when entertaining guests or enjoying drinks on special occasions.

If your ice maker is built into your refrigerator, it will also not take up any additional counter space in your kitchen, whereas you can take portable ice makers with you to different entertainment areas in your home.

Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, setting up a home bar, or enjoying a relaxing evening on the patio, portable ice makers allow you to have ice wherever you need it.

Another added bonus, is that some advanced ice makers can make different shapes and sizes of ice cubes.

This customization allows you to choose the ideal ice type for various beverages, whether it’s small cubes for quick cooling or larger cubes for a more extended chilling effect.

AquaSense ice maker receiver blinking red

As beneficial as ice makers are, it can be extremely inconvenient if your ice maker is not working as it should when you need it to. AquaSense ice makers, just like most ice makers, have a red LED indicator on its receiver on the inside of your freezer.

If you open your freezer door and notice that this red receiver light is blinking, your first step should be to press on the flap on the other side of the freezer.

If the red receiver light stops blinking when you press this flap or it is turned off completely, this indicates that your ice AquaSense is working correctly.

However, if the blinking does not stop, this indicates that there is some kind of problem with your AquaSense ice maker. In this case, you need to start troubleshooting some of the most common issues that cause ice makers to not work properly, such as:

  • The water filter needs to be replaced
  • The freezer temperature is set too high
  • The optic sensor is dirty or faulty

Working through each of these issues and their solutions will help you figure out why your receiver light is blinking red and could even help you restore proper functionality to your ice maker.

What to do if the water filter needs to be replaced

The water filter in your ice maker stops any impurities in your water from pipes or hard water deposits from entering the ice maker and clogging up the system.

Over time, the impurities can build up in the filter and this could restrict the flow to your AquaSense ice maker.

Most households should replace these water filters every four months, and this could be what is causing the red blinking receiver light.

When you purchase replacement water filters, like these Refresh replacement filters, it is vital that you find ones that are compatible with your AquaSense model.

AquaSense ice maker receiver blinking red
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The model number for AquaSense ice makers can usually be found on the inside flap of the appliance.

What to do if the freezer temperature is set too high

Your AquaSense ice maker needs your freezer to be extremely cold to work properly and produce ice.

If your freezer temperature is too high, your ice maker cannot produce enough ice and this could also be what is causing the blinking of the receiver light. Your freezer should be set to be around 10 degrees or lower for your ice maker to work properly.

In order to check this, it is best to get a separate thermometer, like this Taylor Precision Products 5924 Large Dial Kitchen Refrigerator and Freezer Thermometer, to determine whether your freezer is cold enough, instead of relying on the freezer’s internal thermostat.

AquaSense ice maker receiver blinking red
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What to do if the optic sensor is dirty or faulty

Your AquaSense ice maker may have an optic sensor which monitors how much ice is in the bin and stops the ice maker’s cycling when the bin is full.

Over time, this optic sensor may become dirty or blocked, in which case it will not signal your ice maker to produce more ice.

To clean this optic sensor, you can remove any ice build-up from it, and even wipe it down with a cloth or cotton swab and some soapy water.

If the receiver light is still blinking, you may need to contact a professional to have a look at your ice maker.

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